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Ipswich residents pack Health Crisis Town Hall

4th May 2022

Harrowing stories from Ipswich locals will be taken to the floor of State Parliament, after the LNP hosted a Health Crisis Town Hall in the city.

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli joined Shadow Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Ros Bates to hear from locals and health professionals.

Ipswich Hospital has the worst ambulances ramping in the state, with 56 per cent of patients who arrive in ambulances waiting more than half an hour for treatment.

Mr Crisafulli said today’s forum will help drive the change needed to heal the Queensland Health Crisis.

“Today we heard stories from Queenslanders waiting hours for emergency treatment and from locals who have been on the surgery waiting list for years,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“We listened to health staff who bravely shared their experiences in a bid to force some action.  

 “Queensland has the worst ramping rates in Australia and at hospitals like Ipswich it’s soared to above 50 per cent.

 “Lives are on the line here.

“The State Government must start listening to Queenslanders and take some real action.”

The LNP has put solutions on the table for the State Government to immediately adopt including:

1) Data Transparency: Real time data on available beds needs to be accessible to patients and health professionals to help them make the best decision for their situation.

2) Triaging Improvements: Providing better resourcing for triaging in emergency departments to ensure the service is fit for purpose. 

3) Proper Resourcing: Investing in more beds instead of fudging the figures by counting chairs in the hospital bed tally.

4) Empowering Frontline Staff: Allowing front line clinicians the power to effectively run their hospitals, using local expertise and decision making.

Ms Bates thanked the locals from Ipswich who attended today’s Health Crisis Town Hall. 

“The LNP won’t stop fighting for better healthcare for all Queenslanders,” Ms Bates said.

 “Our hardworking health staff need more support.

“This third term State Government has stopped listening, but we won’t stop holding our Health Crisis Town Halls across the state.”