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Foot and Mouth Disease

22nd July 2022

The threat of foot and mouth disease cannot be underestimated.

It is a massive concern, and I don’t think our economy has faced a bigger threat than Foot and Mouth Disease.

I support the call to heighten biosecurity at our national borders and for people returning from Indonesia to be vigilant and respectful of the biosecurity threat they pose.

Agriculture and the livestock industry is the backbone of the entire Nanango Electorate, and this is an issue which affects my community as a whole.

I am also very concerned about the mental health impacts on our primary producers. They have faced years of drought, floods, COVID restrictions and to now be faced with a threat like FMD, there is no doubt that this will be taking a further toll.

I have asked for a briefing from the State Agriculture Minister about what plans are in place to help protect Queensland producers, and in particular, understand if they understand how serious the risk of FMD is for our Queensland economy and the future of our primary producers.