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9th November 2023

Stop Labor's political pantomime

The LNP has this morning demanded the State Labor Government release their list of infrastructure projects that they provided to Federal Labor’s infrastructure review.

Labor's Federal Infrastructure Minister has already admitted she asked the States for their input.

State Labor must release its chopping block list today.

Because they are in chaos and crisis, State Labor has been completely silent for 180 days during the review and is now putting on a political pantomime after the ink has dried and Queenslanders aren't buying it.

Which Queensland Ministers have the list?

Is it Steven Miles who is running around like a con artist trying to dupe Queenslanders that he’s done anything for the last 180 days?

Is it the political fraudster Cameron Dick who’s lying about lists?

Is it Mark “missing in action” Bailey?

Or is the Premier reading over Labor's list in China?

Cut the political games and release Labor’s chopping block list.