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LNP stands up for emergency services volunteers

3rd May 2024

The passing of four pieces of legislation after a truncated debate proves volunteers in key emergency services have been disrespected by the State Labor Government.

​Shadow Minister for Fire & Emergency Services, Dale Last said the Palaszczuk-Miles Government had more than five years to consult and listen.

“Labor ignored the wishes of volunteers,” Mr Last said.

“Labor ignored their contributions to improve emergency services and failed to provide them with the basic information they requested in good faith.

​"The LNP has listened to the men and women who have served in volunteer emergency services for decades.

“They are considering quitting due to the government failing to engage honestly with them.

“These are the people Queenslanders trust but those same volunteers no longer trust the State Labor Government due to the way they have been treated.

​“Promises made by Ministers have been broken and the consultation process has been described as a con job, by volunteers.

“Rural firefighters were given just seven days to comment on Legislation that could potentially, see them brought before the Supreme Court.

​“Debates on Legislation is being guillotined more often by the Labor government because they’re in chaos and crisis.

“There were LNP and Cross Bench members who wanted to speak on behalf of volunteers in their electorates that were denied the opportunity due to the government’s arrogance.

​“Despite the Bills passing, questions still remain in relation to funds donated to volunteer emergency services.  

“The volunteers were speaking out both personally and on behalf of the communities that support them, but this government refused to consult in a meaningful manner.

​“Despite the reductions in their numbers in recent years, volunteers continue to go above and beyond when Queenslanders need them. 

​“If being ignored is the thanks this Labor government gives them, it’s no wonder numbers have dwindled.”

​“I’m proud to have backed the 70,000 Queenslanders who volunteer in emergency services because they deserve our respect and that’s something the current government refuses to give them. 

“Nothing will change until the government changes in October.”