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A to Z of wasted taxpayer money by Labor

4th April 2019

LNP Shadow Treasurer Tim Mander has detailed several examples in a damming A to Z indictment of Labor wasting Queensland taxpayer money.

The LNP moved a motion in Parliament today condemning the Palaszczuk Labor Government for their waste and wrong priorities.

“A twisted combination of government incompetence, stupid decisions and wrong priorities are hallmarks of Labor’s two terms in charge of Queensland,” Mr Mander said.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk can’t run this state, Labor’s blow-outs will continue, and more taxpayer money will be poured down the drain.

“The list of Labor’s waste adds up to more than $1 billion.

“That money could provide hundreds of additional hospital beds, air-condition thousands of state school classrooms, or build much-needed infrastructure like the Second M1, Sunshine Coast Rail Duplication and Mackay Ring Road stage 2.

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government is failing to deliver fundamental public services and is out of touch with Queenslanders.”

Mr Mander said Labor was simply bad with money.

“Everyday Queenslanders are bankrolling Labor’s reckless and wasteful spending,” Mr Mander said.

“Treasurer Jackie Trad cries poor to the Federal Government, but she was more than happy to rubber-stamp $100,000 on an app for fat dogs.

“Jackie Trad should have enrolled in a TAFE course on how to run a budget rather than blow more than $102,000 on brand research for the training provider.

“Jackie Trad is not up to the job and her excuses for wasting taxpayer’s money are nauseating.

“While Labor wastes money and rams new taxes down the throats of Queenslanders, our hospitals are in crisis, our police are at breaking point and our roads are choked with congestion.

“The LNP would respect every taxpayer dollar to grow a strong economy, lower unemployment and build vital infrastructure.”

a. eHealth project blowout: $256,800,000;
b. ICT dashboard project blowout: $211,897,547;
c. Uncollectable SPER debt write-off: $191,000,000;
d. Fixing Labor’s Rail Fail: $170,660,000;
e. Closing privately-operated prisons for the unions: $111,000,000;
f. Ministers’ personal staff cost blowouts: $1,860,184;
g. TAFE IT blowout: $1,400,000;
h. Taxies for Train Drivers: $493,033;
i. Functions and hospitality costs: $289,000;
j. Ministers’ overseas travel: $267,821;
k. QR CCTV screen duplications: $50,000,000;
l. Government advertising in breach of election commitment: $3,480,840;
m. GOLDOC golden handshakes: $650,000;
n. Lady Cilento name change: $302,082;
o. Study into Whitsunday Shark Attacks to see if three shark attacks are a problem: $250,000;
p. Commonwealth Games Labor’s giveaway tickets: $230,000;
q. Labor’s Charter Flights for young crims: $180,000;
r. Consultant to recommend name change from DIQ to DJQ: $136,000;
s. Brand research about TAFE Queensland: $102,300;
t. Phone app to help Fat Dogs lose weight: $100,000;
u. Workcover Qld executives’ overseas junket: $47,600;
v. Palaszczuk’s captain’s call on Terry Mackenroth stadium: $13,600;
w. Jobs Queensland logo: $37,086.50;
x. Extra Ministers in breach of Election Promise: $10,600,000;
y. Premier’s personal office budget blowout: $290,585;
z. ASF Spit project compensation: $13,000,000; and
aa. Accommodation bill for Premier and entourage at the Commonwealth Games: $81,313.69.