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Labor’s Trad must be held accountable for new tax impacts

17th June 2019

LNP Deputy Leader Tim Mander has called on Treasurer Jackie Trad to use today’s CEDA address to guarantee Labor’s new LNG tax won’t drive up energy costs for Queenslanders.

“After Jackie Trad blatantly refused to answer the question in Parliament last week, she should come out today and tell Queenslanders the true impacts of her new tax,” Mr Mander said.

“Queensland manufacturers and households are already struggling to cover their energy bills and Labor’s gas royalty hike threatens to drive costs through the roof.

“This dud of a Treasurer shut down debate on the whole issue when we asked her to promise the new LNG tax won’t increase energy costs for Queensland manufacturers, businesses and households. (pg. 2225 of Hansard*)


“Jackie Trad also disgracefully wouldn’t answer the question about whether any modelling was done on the impact of Labor’s new tax on the price of domestic gas. (pg 2224 of Hansard*)

“It’s clear Jackie Trad doesn’t know what she is doing after she conceded Labor’s new LNG tax will apply to all gas producers, including those who support domestic use. She falsely claimed earlier it would only apply to exporters.

“Labor’s new tax is unravelling fast – no modelling, no consultation with industry, no guarantee on energy costs. Labor has no idea.

“Labor’s new LNG tax will cost jobs and increase energy costs. It will harm investment into Queensland and impact our reputation as a resource state.”

Mr Mander said the LNP had delivered a 10-year royalty guarantee for the whole resources industry.

“We want to encourage investment and provide certainty for industry,” Mr Mander said.

“We want to grow the resources industry and create more jobs.”