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Rural fireies celebrated on Yellow Ribbon Day

3rd September 2019

Queensland’s all important and essential Rural fireies have been celebrated today on Yellow Ribbon Day.

LNP Shadow Minister for Fire and Emergency Services Lachlan Millar took the opportunity today on behalf of rural and regional Queensland to say thank you.

Mr Millar said Queensland’s 1,400 Rural Fire Brigades cover more than 93% of the State, and combined, make up the largest response and recovery organisation in Queensland.

“Whether it's fire, flood, cyclone or any other type of natural or man-made disaster, the sheer size of Rural Fire enables communities to defend themselves and then to undertake the first step in the recovery cycle,” Mr Millar said.

“Without volunteers like those within our rural fire brigades, we would not have many of the essential services we take for granted.

“We saw these volunteers in action last year in the vast floods, fires and cyclones that ravaged our state.

“The LNP understands the value of volunteering in Queensland, which is why they have given me in my shadow ministerial responsibilities to work and foster the volunteers that make up rural fire brigades.

“However, celebrating yellow ribbon day is bittersweet when you consider that Labor has been was sprung, after cutting funding to rural fire services.

“Fire and Emergency Services Minister Craig Crawford claimed there was nearly $13 million (or 25%) more in the 2019-20 budget for Rural Fire- problem is, that’s not true.

“Instead it was still $39 million in 2019-20 – the same as in 2015. With no increase to even cover CPI, this is effectively a cut.

“The LNP respects and supports each and every Queensland rural fire volunteer.

“They are selfless and modest and don’t do it for gratitude, but they deserve our thanks, nevertheless.

“Rural fireies are a big part in making Queensland the great state we know and love, and for that, we thank you.”