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Labor’s toothless tiger just another transport fail

4th September 2019

The Palaszczuk Labor Government’s Personalised Transport Ombudsman Bill 2019 is just another thought-bubble that will achieve absolutely nothing.

LNP Shadow Minister for Transport Steve Minnikin said the proposed Bill has received a groundswell of criticism and a complete lack of support from within the industry.

“The Ride Share Drivers Association, the Limousine Action Group and even the Transport Workers Union are all against it,” Mr Minnikin said.

“You know things are going bad for Annastacia Palaszczuk and her embattled Transport Minister Mark Bailey when even the union is laughing at this pathetic idea.

“The Taxi Council of Australia also wrote to the Palaszczuk Labor Government and described the idea of a Public Transport Ombudsman as a ‘toothless tiger.’

“This is just typical behaviour by Labor.

“The consultation has been poor and they’re not listening to the industry.

“It’s a waste of time, it’s a waste of money and it’s a waste of public resources.

“Only the LNP will put this ‘toothless tiger’ back in its cage.

“A Deb Frecklington LNP Government will establish a statutory Personalised Transport Commissioner with real powers to investigate issues.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk is the weakest Premier in Queensland’s history and this is yet another example of that.

“This is poorly thought-out proposal which will only add to the frustrations of commuters who are already forced to endure a substandard transport network.

“You just can’t trust Labor to get it right.”