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Three-year wait for weeds report is hurting farmers

25th October 2019

The LNP is demanding the Palaszczuk Labor Government release its report on the impact of invasive weeds – three years after the inquiry was launched.

Shadow Minister for Agriculture Tony Perrett urged Labor to stop burying the report and come clean on its failure to manage invasive weeds.

“Every rural Queenslander knows this problem is out of control, so Labor should stop the cover-up and release the report,” Mr Perrett said.

“After three years, we need to see the facts. Labor’s culture of secrecy is damaging agriculture.”

The inquiry was instigated in November 2016 and public hearings began in April 2017.

Mr Perrett wrote to the Labor chair of the State Development, Natural Resources and Agricultural Development Committee in March this year to request the finalisation of the inquiry and in April the chair replied he ‘would soon be able to organise a release date’. No date has yet been set.

“More than seven months later and still no report,” Mr Perrett said.

“This month I have written again requesting the report, but I will not be holding my breath given the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s disgraceful track record of delay and cover-up.

“Farmers and landholders are desperate for answers, but Labor is determined to bury this report.

“Labor’s Agriculture Minister has already betrayed farmers in the state’s North-West by withholding the $5m funding he promised to tackle prickly acacia.

“Invasive weeds may not be big problem in his Brisbane electorate, but out in regional Queensland they are damaging agriculture – our most important industry.

“I know the Palaszczuk Labor Government has a poor work ethic, but surely even they can complete and release in three years?”

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