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Queensland’s infrastructure crisis worsens

30th October 2019

Deloitte’s September Investment Monitor has exposed Queensland’s worsening infrastructure crisis with the project pipeline being nearly 10 per cent lower than September last year.

LNP Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Andrew Powell slammed the Palaszczuk Labor Government for stalling major projects and costing thousands of jobs.

“Queensland already has the highest unemployment rate in the nation under Labor,” Mr Powell said.

“There is a record number of Queenslanders on the jobless queue while Annastacia Palaszczuk plays politics on infrastructure.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk’s fake fights with Canberra over project funding splits is grinding infrastructure spending into the ground.

“There is $3.3 billion in projects that are either not being built or are on the backburner because the Palaszczuk Labor Government refuses to work with the Federal Government.

“Those projects alone would generate 10,200 jobs and provide a pipeline of work for Queensland’s construction industry.

“While New South Wales and Victoria power ahead with job-creating major projects, Annastacia Palaszczuk has put Queensland in reverse by cutting infrastructure funding by almost $3 billion a year in their first term.

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government is spending less of the state’s revenue on infrastructure than any other state in the nation.

“Only an LNP Government will put politics aside and work with the Federal Government to deliver a better Bruce Highway, build the Second M1, duplicate the Sunshine Coast rail line and build Mackay Ring Road Stage 2.

“Busting congestion and creating jobs is a key part of the LNP’s economic plan to get Queensland working.”