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COVID-safe plan for funerals an LNP priority

15th September 2020

Developing a COVID-safe plan to enable people to visit dying loved ones and attend funerals will be a priority under a Deb Frecklington LNP Government.

Ms Frecklington said there must a consistent, compassionate and common-sense approach to funerals and terminal illness.

“It’s important to allow families the opportunity to say goodbye, to grieve and to find some closure,” Ms Frecklington said.

“The LNP is determined to map out procedures to protect the community and still allow family members to visit terminally ill loved ones and attend funerals.

“Labor has prioritised COVID-safe plans for Hollywood celebrities and the AFL VIPs - the LNP will prioritise everyday Queenslanders.

“There can’t be one rule for the rich and another rule for Queenslanders whose families are being tragically torn apart.

“If there can be a COVID-safe plan for Tom Hanks and the AFL, there can be a plan for everyday Queenslanders.

“It’s time to end the unfair double-standards that Queenslanders keep seeing on border exemptions.”

Ms Frecklington said the COVID-safe plan for visiting the terminally ill and attending funerals could involve wearing PPE and strict requirements not to mix in the community.

“Until there is a vaccine, we need to manage and live with COVID-19,” she said.

“Lives and livelihoods can be protected, but we need consistency, compassion and common sense too.”

Ms Frecklington said Queenslanders had heard some heartbreaking stories in the last few weeks:

  • The young family of a 39-year-old Queensland man with terminal small cell cancer in his brain and spine couldn’t visit him together.
  • Sarah, a young Queenslander working in Canberra whose exemption request to see her dying father took 23 days. He tragically died before it was granted. Sarah was then denied the opportunity to go to his funeral and support her sister and mum.
  • A 72-year-old grandmother whose exemption request was refused, denying her the opportunity to bury her son.