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LNP plan to provide better health services

7th October 2020

An LNP Government will invest more than $1.3 billion to create thousands more health jobs, improve patient care and provide better health services across Queensland.

The major recruitment drive will secure 2530 more nurses and midwives, 320 more paramedics, 750 more doctors and 840 more allied health professionals under an LNP Government.

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington said the plan would ensure almost 4500 more health workers were added to Queensland’s health system over the next four years.

“Queensland cannot have world-class public health system without a strong and successful economy,” Ms Frecklington said.

“The LNP will build a stronger economy to ensure we can provide better health services across all of Queensland.

“An LNP government will invest over $1.3 billion to provide more nurses, paramedics, doctors and allied health professionals in every corner of this state.

“Our investment in more frontline health workers will improve patient care, ease the pressure on our hospitals and create more jobs.

“The LNP will ensure Queenslanders have access to a world-class health system no matter where they live.

“While the Palaszczuk Labor Government wastes millions on renaming hospitals and on health IT blowouts, the LNP will invest in frontline services and patient care.

“Labor don’t even have a budget, let alone an economic plan to invest in health.”

LNP Shadow Minister for Health and nurse Ros Bates said local hospital and health service boards would also be empowered to implement strategies to recruit and retain more health specialists in regional communities.

“As part of the new recruitment drive, the LNP will empower local Hospital and Health Service boards to implement strategies to recruit and retain more health specialists in regional communities, with recruitment targets to measure performance,” Ms Bates said.

“This may involve promoting rural health opportunities to young graduates, enhancing career pathways for rural generalist trainees and exploring opportunities for rural GPs in regional hospitals in partnership with local medical associations.

“As part of our plan to provide more health services in regional communities, an LNP Government will commission an urgent audit of accommodation provided through rural hospital and health services to consider upgrades that may boost local incentives.

“Labor’s record when it comes to health is patient wait times blowing out, ambulance ramping is skyrocketing, and code yellows are becoming the norm.

“The LNP will re-focus our public health system on patient outcomes and ensure better health services are provided to all Queenslanders.”