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State News - February 2021

LNP backs farmers over water pricing scheme

17th February 2021

The LNP is joining our farmers in calling for an end to the uncertainty over the state’s water pricing policy.

Under the current scheme, neighbours are paying different prices for the same water simply because they choose to plant a different crop.

LNP Shadow Minister for Water and Regional Development Deb Frecklington said the scheme was totally unfair.

“To make matters worse we know that this Government doesn’t have any detail on how its water election promise will be implemented,” she said.

Ms Frecklington said farmers in the Mackay region will also be forced to pay more for water from 1 July despite the Government’s election promise to make the scheme fairer.

“Make no mistake this unfair and sham election promise puts more than 7,200 sugar industry jobs in the Mackay region at risk,” she said.

“The LNP will always support a policy that delivers cheaper water for farmers.

“Water price discounts should apply to all farmers regardless of what crop farmers choose to farm," Deb said.