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Grasshoppers smash outback pastures

3rd March 2021

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli has arrived in Longreach to tackle urgent issues affecting the region including an explosion of grasshopper numbers.

Mr Crisafulli has walked paddocks north of the township to see the devastation first hand.

“The economic consequences are dire,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“In a month, entire paddocks have been stripped bare. Calls for assistance to the State Government have gone unanswered.

“Graziers are being forced to offload livestock which is the last thing they need after experiencing a torturous drought.”

Member for Gregory Lachlan Millar said the consequences were akin to fire and drought and the Government must put in place similar support structures.

“Agriculture Minister Mark Furner’s response to my question in parliament was another low blow,” Mr Millar said.

“Labor’s idea of a grasshopper impact survey won’t fix the problem any time soon.

“This should have been tackled with a co-ordinated response by the Department of Agriculture and local graziers.

“The Minister hasn’t bothered to visit the region to see it for himself.

“We need financial assistance to get them through and a promise if these pests return next summer the Government won’t sit on their hands.”

Mr Crisafulli is travelling across Queensland and meeting with local workers and business owners.

“There is a jobs crisis in the bush and that’s why it’s crucial the Premier fast-tracks infrastructure projects. Outback Queensland has an unemployment rate of 12%. We must do better.

“The youth unemployment rate horrifies me. One-in-three teenagers can’t get a job.

“I want to lead a Queensland where young kids in the bush can learn, earn good pay and provide for their family.”