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State Government abandons vulnerable families

13th August 2021

Queensland’s social housing crisis is at breaking point with tens of thousands of families on the State Labor Government’s waitlist with nowhere to go.

During today’s Estimates Hearings, the Government admitted 80 per cent of more than 25,000 families were desperate for a home in the very high or high need category.

The Government also admitted there has only been a 3 per cent increase in social housing since Labor was elected in 2015.

“This is scandalous,” Shadow Housing Minister Tim Mander said.

“The State Government is losing control of housing in Queensland.

“They have failed to deliver for vulnerable families and instead have abandoned them in their hour of need.

“It’s outrageous. These families deserve better from this government.”

The LNP is calling on the Government to urgently work with the community housing sector on more affordable housing.

“No Queenslander should be left out on the street,” Mr Mander said.