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About bloody time.

16th August 2021

Statement from Leader of the Opposition - David Crisafulli

If rolling lockdowns are the new normal so too must be rolling support packages.

I said I would acknowledge positive actions when I see them.

This is positive news for small and family businesses and their staff.

I hope both levels of government can now accept how important it is that support frameworks are set up before lockdowns hit.

This assistance needed to be timely and targeted before the last lockdown.

It wasn’t.

That delay cost some Queenslanders their livelihoods.

My team and I have been fighting for an assistance package like this one.

We won’t stop going in to bat for small and family businesses.

They are the lifeblood of our economy and our great Queensland communities.

Now, let’s get this money out the door and into the bank accounts of the businesses who so badly need it.