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State News - September 2021

Queensland records most car thefts in Australia

30th September 2021

Queensland has been crowned with yet another unwanted crime title, recording the most number of car thefts of any state in Australia.

A new Parliamentary Committee report into vehicle safety shows vehicle theft in Queensland has increased by 47% in the last five years.

Shadow Police Minister Dale Last says it’s a disgrace that Queensland topped this dreaded list, when other states have a much larger population.

“Almost 13,000 cars were stolen in Queensland last financial year - that's around 35 cars a day, more than five other states and territories combined,” Mr Last said.

“This is more proof that crime is out of control under the current State Government.

“It’s not just insulting to have the highest number of vehicles stolen in the country, it also means increased costs for families when it comes to insurance.

“We all pay the price for this State Government’s failings.”

The committee report’s sole recommendation when it came to vehicle theft was an advertising campaign.

“The fact that criminals are breaking into people’s homes to steal keys to then take the car, surely warrants a better response than an advertising campaign,” Mr Last said.

“The current deterrents are not working.

“Vehicle thefts have a huge impact on people’s lives, sparking safety fears and anxiety as well as having a huge financial impact.

“Labor is not doing enough to protect Queensland families."

Statement from Fiona Simpson, Shadow Minister for Integrity in Government

27th September 2021

The LNP has formally asked the Speaker to refer Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to the Ethics Committee.

There is sufficient evidence the Premier has misled Parliament.

On the 2nd of September 2021, the Premier told Parliament, “Doherty Institute modelling predicts that even with 70% of the population vaccinated, 80 people will die each day from COVID once the outbreak reaches six months after it started. That is 2,240 who will die each month.”

The Premier was extensively briefed on the Doherty Institute modelling.

However, the reckless statement the Premier gave to Parliament does not reflect the modelling and has been staunchly refuted by experts.

The Ethics Committee should consider whether the Premier is in contempt of Parliament.

Statement from LNP Leader David Crisafulli re: Caboolture Hospital Inquiry

22nd September 2021

More potential victims of botched surgeries and abuse at Caboolture Hospital will have their voices heard after tireless campaigning by the LNP.

Cases that pre-date 2020 will now be included in the State Government’s inquiry.

We called for it, we put the pressure on and I’ll be the first to say we welcome the announcement.

If there is a Dr Death in Queensland, we owe it to Queenslanders to make sure that a broken system is repaired.

We will continue to call for public hearings and for genuine guarantees that whistleblowers will be protected.

I am urging health staff and former patients who have concerns about Caboolture Hospital to come forward.

Queenslanders who have suffered deserve to have their voices heard.

Statement: Regarding the State Government's inadequate support for small business

22nd September 2021

Don’t get hoodwinked by the State Government's spin.

The State Government’s response to supporting small businesses impacted by lockdowns and border closures has been haphazard, sluggish, and inadequate.

A package should have been announced and ready to roll out well before the last lockdown.

Instead, small businesses are still waiting to receive the support they so desperately need.

This package fails to support many of the most needy businesses.

The State Government isn’t supporting small businesses that turnover less than $75,000 per year.

That means that small businesses like hairdressers, bookkeepers and lawn mowing businesses will miss out.

These small businesses are the same ones that make up the largest proportion of Queensland businesses.

Last week the State Government trumpeted their new support package for border and tourism businesses, but those grants are not available until mid-October.

The businesses that will benefit from the border zone hardship grants need support now, not in more than a month's time.

Even though the last Queensland lockdown ended more than 6 weeks ago, only 20% of the package has been paid to small businesses. That’s simply not good enough.

Every day small businesses are losing hope and are making the hard decision to shut up shop for good.

Small business owners and their employees deserve better than the slow and inadequate support they are getting from this State Government.

Auditor-General reveals dire state of Queensland Health Crisis

14th September 2021

The Auditor-General has released a scathing report into Queensland’s emergency departments, vindicating and backing the LNP’s calls for critical improvements.

Regarding Queensland’s worsening ambulance ramping the report states, “this target has not been met at the statewide level in the past seven years.”

Just as damning, the report found “during the period from July 2020 to February 2021, only one of the top 26 reporting hospitals met the targets for both emergency length of stay and patient off-stretcher times.”

The Auditor-General has made several recommendations, including real-time data sharing and giving more power to local hospital and health services. These are LNP solutions.

“This is what we’ve been calling for to fix the worsening rate of ambulance ramping across the state,” Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said.

“The LNP has repeatedly put solutions on the table – better triaging, more beds and the introduction of real-time data for emergency departments.

“It’s now up to the State Government to implement these vital measures and take real action to heal the Queensland Health Crisis.”

As a registered nurse and hospital administrator, Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates has welcomed the recommendations to give power back to frontline workers.

“I know how frustrating it is for frontline staff to work under immense pressure with a lack of resources,” Ms Bates said.

“That’s why we have repeatedly called for the State Government to make patient care the top priority, not hiding data.”

“This damning report clearly shows ambulance ramping has been a chronic problem in Queensland years before the pandemic.”

Ease the anxiety for small and family businesses with a support package

13th September 2021

The State Government must use this narrow window of opportunity to deliver a business support package in the event of another lockdown.

The anxiety levels of small and family business owners and their staff increase every time a new Covid case is announced or there is mention of a possible lockdown.

Shadow Minister for Small and Family Business Brent Mickelberg said it’s up to the Premier and her government to provide these Queenslanders with hope.

“Every time there is a new case, business owners across Queensland don’t know whether to order stock or roster on staff,” Mr Mickelberg said.

“It’s also a major blow to confidence every time there is mention of a possible lockdown, as people cancel their holidays or delay booking altogether.

“The LNP repeatedly called for a business support package before the last lockdown.

“The State Government didn’t listen and their lack of action cost Queenslanders big time. They must not make the same mistakes.

“It’s up to the State Government to give small and family businesses the certainty to carry on, and that involves a solid lockdown support package.

“A detailed package needs to be prepared and ready to roll out the moment another lockdown is announced.

“It must include a sliding scale approach with a simple and speedy application process.

“Money from the last lockdown support package – which was delivered late - is barely trickling into business bank accounts. That cash was needed more than a month ago.

“The LNP repeatedly called for a package before the last lockdown. The State Government must not make the same mistake.

“Small and family business owners and their staff deserve more than to be living each day on a knife’s edge.

“The State Government must provide a safety net to encourage every Queensland business to invest, trade and grow.”

Seqwater flood damages ruling

9th September 2021

The ruling in favour of Seqwater in relation to flood damages is devastating for the 2011 flood victims who have had to fight so hard for so long.

This cruel appeal by Seqwater leaves the victims without half the compensation they are owed.

I foreshadowed this in a speech to Parliament in March this year when it was revealed Seqwater had not included any liability in their financial statements for the $440 million they owed in damages.

The Premier had the power to direct Seqwater not to undertake this appeal, and now we have an awful and confusing situation for the flood victims.

These flood victims deserve better from this Government.

Queensland’s car theft hotspots revealed

9th September 2021

Brisbane up nearly 20% | Townsville takes top spot | Regions hit hardest

Queensland is in the midst of a car theft crisis, with the latest statistics showing a disturbing trend in the southeast and regional communities further north.

August quarterly data from CarSafe reveals vehicle theft in Brisbane soared by nearly 20% in 12 months.

761 vehicles were stolen in the Brisbane Local Government Area, up from 636.

The figures are far worse in Ipswich with a mammoth rise of more than 55%.

Townsville claimed the title as car theft capital of Queensland, while other regional areas like Cairns, Mackay and Toowoomba saw major increases as well.

Opposition Leader David Crisafulli said the state government is losing control of crime.

“Youth crime is ripping apart communities,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“The Opposition has consistently called for the state government to restore breach of bail as an offence for young criminals.

“Repeat offenders should not be allowed to put the safety of Queenslanders at risk.

“Honest Queenslanders expect good governments to get a handle on this sort of crime.”

Shadow Police Minister Dale Last said thousands of Queenslanders fall victim to car theft each year and the state government is failing to stamp it out.

“Youth Crime has increased 183% in Queensland since 2015,” Mr Last said.

“More cars are being stolen more often.

“Police are contacting me every day expressing their frustration.

“They are powerless to take action against young offenders.”

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