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Statement: Regarding the State Government's inadequate support for small business

22nd September 2021

Don’t get hoodwinked by the State Government's spin.

The State Government’s response to supporting small businesses impacted by lockdowns and border closures has been haphazard, sluggish, and inadequate.

A package should have been announced and ready to roll out well before the last lockdown.

Instead, small businesses are still waiting to receive the support they so desperately need.

This package fails to support many of the most needy businesses.

The State Government isn’t supporting small businesses that turnover less than $75,000 per year.

That means that small businesses like hairdressers, bookkeepers and lawn mowing businesses will miss out.

These small businesses are the same ones that make up the largest proportion of Queensland businesses.

Last week the State Government trumpeted their new support package for border and tourism businesses, but those grants are not available until mid-October.

The businesses that will benefit from the border zone hardship grants need support now, not in more than a month's time.

Even though the last Queensland lockdown ended more than 6 weeks ago, only 20% of the package has been paid to small businesses. That’s simply not good enough.

Every day small businesses are losing hope and are making the hard decision to shut up shop for good.

Small business owners and their employees deserve better than the slow and inadequate support they are getting from this State Government.