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Queensland records most car thefts in Australia

30th September 2021

Queensland has been crowned with yet another unwanted crime title, recording the most number of car thefts of any state in Australia.

A new Parliamentary Committee report into vehicle safety shows vehicle theft in Queensland has increased by 47% in the last five years.

Shadow Police Minister Dale Last says it’s a disgrace that Queensland topped this dreaded list, when other states have a much larger population.

“Almost 13,000 cars were stolen in Queensland last financial year - that's around 35 cars a day, more than five other states and territories combined,” Mr Last said.

“This is more proof that crime is out of control under the current State Government.

“It’s not just insulting to have the highest number of vehicles stolen in the country, it also means increased costs for families when it comes to insurance.

“We all pay the price for this State Government’s failings.”

The committee report’s sole recommendation when it came to vehicle theft was an advertising campaign.

“The fact that criminals are breaking into people’s homes to steal keys to then take the car, surely warrants a better response than an advertising campaign,” Mr Last said.

“The current deterrents are not working.

“Vehicle thefts have a huge impact on people’s lives, sparking safety fears and anxiety as well as having a huge financial impact.

“Labor is not doing enough to protect Queensland families."