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State News - May 2022

Premier must explain ambulance ramping crisis

27th May 2022

The LNP is calling on the Premier to explain how ambulance ramping has broken all records to reach the worst levels our state has ever seen as patient numbers drop.

Official figures show the number of patients presenting at emergency departments in our hospitals fell by more than 70,000 compared with the previous quarter.

Yet the Premier and her Health Minister blamed the pandemic, floods and Peter Dutton for our ramping crisis.

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said the Premier and her government were fast running out of excuses for the Queensland Health Crisis.

“We’re not in this situation because of numbers that were released on Thursday, we’re here because of the decisions that weren’t made over more than half a decade.

“This government is losing control of our hospitals, our ambulances and our health system because they did not invest in enough beds.

“They have let down every Queenslander in this state and it’s time they explained how they are going to fix this crisis of their own making.”

The figures released by the Health Minister on Thursday show Queensland now has the worst ambulance ramping in the country with 42% of all ambulances ramped, an increase of 4% from the previous quarter.

Under the LNP, ambulance ramping was at 15%.

Under Anna Bligh’s leadership, it was 30%.

Under Annastacia Palaszczuk’s leadership, ambulance ramping has tripled over the past seven years.

Ramping at the PA Hospital in Brisbane has soared to an extraordinary 67% (up from 42%) - numbers never seen before in Queensland.

Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates said the LNP had solutions on the table including more beds, better triaging, releasing real-time data and giving power back to the frontline staff to make better decisions to improve patient care.

“As a nurse and former hospital administrator, I know how stressful it can be for our dedicated frontline staff who are overworked and under-resourced,” she said.

“Our exhausted paramedics are doing an incredible job under the toughest conditions, but they are being let down by this government.

“Queensland Health was in crisis long before Covid, the Minister can no longer hide.

“She is losing control of Queensland Health.

“She must listen and she must act.

“Queenslanders deserve so much better than this.”

Premier’s pledge has no spark

27th May 2022

Statement from Pat Weir, Shadow Minister for Energy

The Premier’s pledge to ease cost of living pressures with a power bill rebate does nothing to solve the issue of rising electricity prices in the long term.

The Australian Energy Regulator has found that electricity prices in Queensland have soared through the first quarter of this year.

Wholesale energy prices in Queensland have quadrupled.

That is a far greater increase than those seen in other eastern states.

Queenslanders are facing record bills for electricity with the independent watchdog recommending another increase.

The Queensland Competition Authority report found that rises of up to 13.4% (or an increase of $42,939 a year) for a typical large business customer and 6.5% (up $94 a year) for a residential customer was inevitable.

The Premier must explain how her government will ease cost of living pressures for all Queenslanders in the long term.

This so-called rebate is typical of this government, which is only focused on how things look, not how things actually are.

If the government was genuine about its pledges, it would outline its plan to reduce power prices in the long term.

For months, I have been calling on the Energy Minister to act.

Queenslanders deserve to know what the Minister’s plan is to guarantee a secure, affordable and reliable energy supply.

Queenslanders don’t give a lick, explain yourself Treasurer

26th May 2022

Statement from Shadow Treasurer, David Janetzki

Cameron Dick’s excuse that he doesn’t lick stamps will do nothing to reassure the thousands of Queenslanders who have had their privacy violated.

Trying to hose down allegations that he is losing control of a key government agency, the trickiest Treasurer in the country has embarrassed himself.

Cameron Dick only took full control of SPER three months ago and already he has proven he lacks the talent to get the job done.

Perhaps the Queenslanders who have had their privacy violated might like to send him a letter with a stamp and let him know he is unfit to be Treasurer.

The State Government is already failing to deliver critical services for Queenslanders and now they can’t even deliver a letter to the right address.

Queenslanders deserve better.

Queenslanders still in the dark on Callide Power Station

26th May 2022

Today officially marks one year since the explosion at the Callide Power Station and yet Queenslanders are still waiting for answers.

The explosion caused significant damage to the C4 generator and sparked a mass power outage across the state.

Queenslanders still don’t know if, or when, C4 will be rebuilt and back online.

According to the CS Energy 2021 Annual Report, “the forecast return to service date for C4 is 1st February 2023.”

But the Minister has failed to confirm whether or not this is the case.

The Minister also said the loss of Callide C4 would have absolutely no impact on electricity prices.

We now know this is not true.

The Queensland Competition Authority identified in its draft determination that the recommended increase in electricity prices was in part because of “the continued unavailability of Callide C Power Plant (Unit 4).”

A year on, Queenslanders are paying the price each and every day because of this Minister’s failings.

The workers of Callide Power Station also deserve certainty that they can continue to do the jobs they were trained to do.

Shield Laws

26th May 2022

Statement by Shadow Attorney-General, Tim Nicholls

Integrity, accountability, transparency and openness matter to the LNP Opposition.

A key pillar of a robust democracy is a free media.

This afternoon, the LNP Opposition outlined amendments to the Palaszczuk Government’s “Shield Laws”.

These amendments would ensure journalists will have the same shield laws applied for matters before the Crime and Corruption Commission as with other courts of record.

This is the state of play in Queensland right now.

The LNP values integrity, accountability and a free media.

The Palaszczuk Government doesn’t.

Is it any wonder the Palaszczuk Government is embroiled in an Integrity Crisis.

Bundaberg Hospital investigation

26th May 2022

Statement by Ros Bates, Shadow Minister for Health

I am deeply concerned about the alarming developments at Bundaberg Hospital.

We can now confirm disciplinary action has been taken against staff for medical malpractice with more investigations launched.

I am also deeply concerned by the Palaszczuk Government’s attempts to hide the truth from Queenslanders.

If the Opposition hadn’t raised these allegations on the floor of Parliament, the people of Bundaberg wouldn’t know the seriousness of what is happening inside their hospital.

Patient safety must always be our top priority.

In the middle of the Queensland Health Crisis, Queenslanders are appalled the State Government is prioritising secrecy over openness and transparency.

Unfortunately, I fear we still do not have the full story.

Secrecy won’t fix the Queensland Health Crisis.

Queenslanders deserve an open and transparent government, especially when it comes to healthcare.

Callide By-Election

25th May 2022

Statement from the Leader of the Opposition

Bryson Head is an outstanding candidate for the LNP.

He is a well-respected member of his community who will fight tooth and nail for Callide.

Since winning pre-selection in December, Bryson has travelled across the electorate meeting with small business owners, families and local stakeholders.

He also helped facilitate the Health Crisis Town Halls in Chinchilla and Biloela where he listened to locals about their concerns with ambulance ramping, elective surgery cancellations and long waitlists.

Grounded with agricultural roots, Bryson is a champion of the bush who will bring a new energy to the people of Callide.

If elected on June 18, Bryson would be the youngest member of the Queensland Parliament.

A passionate, hungry and big voice for regional Queensland I look forward to working with him and the people of Callide.

Together we will work hard to ensure a bright future for the people of Callide.

I’d like to thank Colin Boyce for his contribution to the seat of Callide over the past four years and congratulate him on his election to the Federal Parliament.

I look forward to joining Bryson on the campaign trail and listening to locals about what we can achieve together for the region.

The Palaszczuk Government’s obsession with secrecy has reached a new low

25th May 2022

The Palaszczuk Government’s obsession with secrecy has reached a new low.

Seven years ago, the Premier promised Queenslanders she would be open and transparent. Clearly, she has changed.

Today, the Premier refused to release how much taxpayers are paying to cover the legal costs of her former deputy Jackie Trad.

The disgraced former Deputy Premier is seeking to suppress a Crime and Corruption Commission report from being released to the public.

Queenslanders deserve to know how their money is being spent.

The Premier was asked in Parliament today to explain why her government is protecting Jackie Trad.

On multiple occasions the Premier chose to defend Jackie Trad instead of listening to Queenslanders.

Jackie Trad’s skiing partner, the Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman, should as Queensland’s first law officer put transparency ahead of her misguided loyalty to Jackie Trad.

Even the CCC says Queenslanders have a right to know.

The days of openness and transparency under this State Government are dead.

SHOCK: Queensland ambulance ramping crisis pulls dozens of crews from the road every day

24th May 2022

Shocking new figures reveal the extraordinary amount of time ambulance crews are sitting idle on hospital ramps every day due to the Queensland Health Crisis.

Official State Government figures show Queensland is losing on average 36 full ambulance shifts (10 hours/shift) every single day.

Last year the number of hours lost by paramedics stuck on ramps soared to 130,000.

These shocking figures are contained in documents the State Government did not want Queenslanders to see.

On the Sunshine Coast, paramedics lost more than 1000 hours over seven consecutive months stuck on a ramp at hospitals last year.

Ambulance crews on the Gold Coast lost more than 13,000 hours last year stuck on ramps, around 35 hours a day.

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said the latest revelations would shock Queenslanders.

“We’ve got less than 1000 ambulances across the state and every day last year nearly 40 of them were rendered completely useless because of our disgraceful levels of ramping in Queensland,” he said.

“Paramedics on the Sunshine Coast lost almost 1500 hours in a single month last year which is unprecedented.

“When you call triple zero and you’re told there’s no ambulance coming, the reason is clear.

“Those ambulances are ramped.

“What we’re seeing right across Queensland is a symptom of a sick system.”

Mr Crisafulli said paramedics were doing an outstanding job day after day under the most trying circumstances.

“Our paramedics are the heroes in this crisis,” he said.

“They didn’t sign up to sit at the end of a hospital ramp for hours at a time, they signed up because they want to help people.

“We’ve put solutions on the table including more beds, better triage, releasing real-time data and giving power back to the frontline staff to make better decisions to improve patient care.

“The Premier must start listening and act now.”

Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates said frontline staff were crying out for help.

“As a registered nurse and former hospital administrator, I know how frustrating it is for our frontline staff,” she said.

“For the sake of patients and our health workers we need to do better because lives are depending on it.

“It’s time for the Premier and her Ministers to start listening.

“Queenslanders deserve better.”

LNP shines a spotlight on Child Safety

20th May 2022

Queensland’s broken Child Safety system will be the focus of a new LNP campaign to identify the systemic problems, fight for change and keep vulnerable children safe.

Shadow Minister for Child Protection Amanda Camm will continue to travel across Queensland and listen to carers, advocates, and other community organisations.

The first Spotlight Meetings were held in Townsville and Cairns over the past two days.

Ms Camm said she wanted Queenslanders to come forward and have a confidential discussion.

“After travelling Queensland as the Shadow Minister for the past 18 months, the stories I’ve been told are graphic, confronting and heart-breaking,” Ms Camm said.

“I’ve launched the Spotlight Meetings so more people can meet with me.

“The failures from within the Child Safety Department and the State Government are appalling.

“Vulnerable children are being abused and neglected.

“Repeat offenders aren’t being punished.

“What is also deeply disturbing is carers are being threatened to remain quiet.

“The State Government is well aware of the issues within the department, but the Minister won’t act.

“Labor’s track record on Child Safety is absolutely horrendous.

“I’ll keep speaking up until I see change and until this Minister starts making sure the safety of each child is the top priority.

“I won’t stop fighting for the vulnerable kids and the dedicated carers who’ve been horribly let down by Child Safety.”

Good governance not a priority for Palaszczuk Government

19th May 2022

The Auditor-General’s report is a damning indictment on the Palaszczuk Government.

The Palaszczuk Government doesn’t consult, doesn’t listen and doesn’t care about delivering for Queenslanders.

The Auditor-General report paints a picture of a government completely disinterested in the guidance boards should provide to deliver essential services.

The report proves the Palaszczuk Government is losing control of the basics of good governance and is failing to deliver essential services for Queenslanders.

The Palaszczuk Government is coming apart at the seams and Queenslanders are the victims.

Labor doesn’t know how to govern, doesn’t care about the details, can’t delegate, can’t make decisions and has stopped listening.

Because the Palaszczuk Government only cares about how things look instead of actually delivering for Queenslanders critical boards are dysfunctional.

At times critical boards, such as in health, don’t even have a quorum to meet and make key decisions.

The Labor Government’s priorities are wrong.

The finding by the Auditor-General that the State Government is not evening listening to skills and ability for board appointments is extraordinary.

In some cases positions for boards aren’t even advertised.

After three decades of Labor, positions across government are no longer about what you know, but who you know.

If advice isn’t coming from their mates, they’re not interested.

Premier Palaszczuk’s Government can’t plan or deliver essential services.

Premier Palaszczuk’s Government is the biggest business in Queensland, but if any other business was run like them, they’d be flat broke.

Queenslanders deserve better than this.

Another Business Basic Failure by the State Government

18th May 2022

Thousands of Queensland small businesses that were promised access to State Government grants have had the door slammed in their face yet again.

Two weeks after the Business Basics Grant Program failed to launch and the Minister for Small Business was forced into a grovelling apology, the Government’s second attempt to launch this round of applications fell flat.

Small businesses that struggled for years through Covid and more recently the floods, went to apply for a grant only to find the promised money had dried up.

The Minister for Small Business must now answer questions about whether some businesses were provided preferential access and were able to log-on to apply for grants before others.

The Minister had one job.

This State Government is more interested in making announcements than actually delivering on what has been promised.

Queensland small businesses deserve a fair go.

Statement - Shadow Minister for Transport and Main Roads

16th May 2022

In its third term the Palaszczuk Government seems more focused on photo ops instead of delivering for Queensland taxpayers.

The State Government has spent $4.5 million on a drivers’ test booking system that they have now dumped because it doesn’t work.

Not only was this already a huge overspend, it’s now an extraordinary waste of money.

What’s worse is the State Government is once again trying to blame COVID when the truth is it’s a royal stuff up that’s pulled the handbrake on this booking program.

These guys just cannot roll out IT projects.

Essentials services are decaying under this government and now it means plenty of people aren’t getting their drivers’ licences.

This affects people’s ability to work, pick the kids up from school or even just get around.

Budget blowouts on infrastructure projects is already costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars every year and now this government can’t get smaller digital projects right either.

Fix it.

Queenslanders deserve a lot better.

Queenslanders deserve justice

9th May 2022

The LNP is calling on the Health Minister to urgently launch an investigation into Queensland’s forensic services laboratory and its failings immediately.

Queenslanders must have confidence in this laboratory.

Concerns that critical shortfalls in the lab’s procedures could have impacted investigations, including the case of murdered Mackay woman Shandee Blackburn, are disturbing.

There’s a real risk criminals are walking free because the forensic services laboratory isn’t working properly.

We have given the Health Minister fair warning and this week the Opposition will be asking questions on behalf of Queenslanders in Parliament.

Queenslanders are being denied justice and are at risk because of a forensic services lab that isn’t doing its job.

The review into the laboratory must be launched immediately.

Police being forced to ramp at Hospitals

9th May 2022

Queensland Police are now being directed in writing, to be ramped at our hospitals.

This is the harrowing next chapter of the Queensland Health Crisis.

Police didn’t sign up to be de facto paramedics because of a State Government that can’t run essential services.

The Health Crisis is now so bad, we’re pulling police off the road to carry the load, when they should be on the beat keeping the community safe.

If police are on a ramp, it means they’re not responding to calls for help.

It also means Queenslanders stuck in police cars aren’t getting the healthcare they need.

For the admission to be spelled out in an official direction is a sad indictment of the state of our health system.

This isn’t the fault of health workers or our police officers, this is what happens when a government fails to plan.”

Small Business Program crashes on day one

4th May 2022

Queensland small businesses have been waiting weeks to apply for the Business Basics Grants Program only to have the website crash minutes after going live.

This should be a huge wake-up call for the State Government.

They were unprepared for the huge demand from small businesses despite advertising the program for weeks.

It shows this State Government is only concerned with promotion and photo-ops, not reality.

Small and family businesses are looking to the future after two years of financial stress.

There needs to be better planning and delivery for these grants programs so support can be accessed without delays.

State Government's affordable and social housing track record fail

4th May 2022

Statement from Minister for Housing and Public Works, Tim Mander

The Palaszczuk Government’s track record on creating affordable and social housing for Queenslanders is abysmal.

Right now in Queensland there are 50,000 people on the social housing waiting list.

That is a 70% increase over the last 7 years.

That has happened on this Government’s watch.

This Labor Government loves an announcement but it is outcomes that matter and on that front they are badly failing Queenslanders who badly need a roof over their head.

The numbers don’t lie.

Queenslanders deserve better than this.