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$2 million for 2 tradies

28th July 2022


The Palaszczuk Government’s attempts to lure tradies to Queensland to help rebuild the economy has spectacularly failed.

The Palaszczuk Government spent almost $2 million on the ‘Tradies in Paradise’ scheme for only two qualified tradespeople to take up the offer.

Those two tradies were paid just $1,750 each to move to Queensland.

The rest of the $1,965,569 was spent on State Government advertising.

Shadow Minister for Employment and Training Brent Mickelberg says the Palaszczuk Government must explain to taxpayers why this program has failed so badly.

“This government is more interested in delivering flashy pamphlets, ads and websites than actually delivering what Queenslanders need,” Mr Mickelberg said.

“They only care about how they look, yet this campaign looks like a complete failure.

“The ‘Tradies in Paradise’ scheme was a desperate, unplanned attempt to fill holes in the skilled worker shortage of their making.

“The State Government said they would bring 1000 tradies to Queensland, they got two.

“$1,750 was never going to be enough to entice tradespeople to pack up their whole life and move to Queensland. It would barely pay for their petrol.

“A significant amount of taxpayer money was washed down the drain at a time when many flood-affected Queenslanders could have used a hand up.

“The $2 million wasted on this campaign could have been used to help several small businesses through flood recovery, or even re-build a few damaged homes.

“Imagine what a Queenslander could do with $2 million. They’d certainly produce a lot more than two tradies.

“The Government has no plan, and their inability to deliver is costing Queenslanders.

“Queenslanders deserve a government that genuinely cares about delivering for Queenslanders.”