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Ambulance bypass is back and ramping targets don’t exist

29th July 2022

The Queensland Health crisis has escalated with Estimates revealing today Hospital Bypass is back in Queensland.

The practice hasn’t been seen in Queensland for a decade but has now returned under the Palaszczuk Government.

Estimates has also revealed the Palaszczuk Government has no target for ambulance ramping nor any timeframe to reduce it.

Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates said the State Government can’t accept or admit that Queensland patients are being transported from hospital to hospital because of ramping.

“During the first session of Estimates this morning, the Health Minister admitted they don’t have a target to improve ambulance ramping.

That is extraordinary,” Ms Bates said.

“Queensland’s ramping rate is 42% which is the worst in the country.

“Under the former LNP Government it was 15%.

“The State Government doesn’t have a plan to fix ambulance ramping.

“The State Government doesn’t have a target to reduce ambulance ramping.

“The State Government can’t be trusted to fix the Queensland Health Crisis.

“The victims of the Queensland Health Crisis are patients.

“They have to endure ambulance ramping, hospital bypass, over-crowded emergency departments and surgery delays.

“The LNP was able to put a stop to ambulance bypass and now under the Palaszczuk Government it is back.

“As a nurse and former hospital administrator, I know how stressful it is for our frontline staff.

“Paramedics don’t sign up to this profession to sit in the back of a ramped ambulance for hours.

“Our doctors, nurses, paramedics and allied health professionals are doing a remarkable job and deserve more respect and resources.

"The LNP has put solutions on the table including more resources, improved triaging, real time data monitoring and allowing front line clinicians the power to effectively run their hospitals, using local expertise and decision making.

“This third term Labor Government has given up on listening.”