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What we learned from 45 minutes of Estimates with Mick de Brenni

3rd August 2022

Minister Mick de Brenni has:

• Unlawfully meddled in the independent Right to Information process.

• Allowed a former Labor Party president to organise the QBCC to pay Labor lobbyist Anacta to ‘improve government relations’ with him as the shareholding Minister.

• Overseen hundreds of thousands of dollars being funnelled through a lobbying firm to an unsanctioned business of a Labor party supporter who worked on election campaigns.

• Wasted $1.065 million dollars on botched QBCC TV ads.

• Politicised positions on boards.

• Allowed average wait times to repair building defects for Queenslanders to soar.

• Held nine reviews and implemented nothing.

• Failed to deliver and manage a sustainable budget.

Mick de Brenni has no respect for accountability, no respect for the work he should be doing on behalf of Queenslanders and Queenslanders no longer respect this dodgy Minister.

Mick de Brenni should resign.

What is the threshold for being sacked as a Minister in the Palaszczuk Government?