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25 YEARS to deliver a promise as social housing waitlist soars

4th August 2022

It will take 25 years for the Palaszczuk Labor Government to deliver funds that were promised to house the most vulnerable Queenslanders.

Estimates today confirmed only $40 million of the government’s promised $1 billion fund for social housing will be spent each year.

It will be nearly 2050 before the commitment is delivered.

The extraordinary admission came as it was also revealed in Estimates today the social housing waitlist has again ballooned, this time by 12% to 27,430.

Shadow Social Housing Minister Tim Mander said the Minister had failed Queenslanders who desperately needed a roof over their head.

“The Minister claims the numbers are just ebbs and flows when the fact is the number of Queenslanders on the social housing list has increased on her watch, again,” he said.

“Meanwhile, the 1000-bed Wellcamp quarantine facility that cost Queenslanders north of $200 million is gathering dust.

“This Minister must take responsibility for her own failings and that of her government.”

Mr Mander said the $1 billion housing investment fund was farcical.

“It’s extraordinary that the Minister can claim this is going to fix Queensland’s social housing crisis when in fact it will take the government 25 years to deliver on its commitment.

“We knew that it was never going to happen and now we have the proof.

“This Minister is tone-deaf to the thousands of Queenslanders who are on the social housing waiting list looking for somewhere to live.

“The facts speak for themselves.

“This government cannot be trusted to deliver for Queenslanders.

“Queenslanders deserve so much better than this.”