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LNP Supercharges Solar for Renters

13th March 2024

Practical Cost of Living Plan
$3,500 grants to reduce renters’ power bills

The LNP has today announced a major cost of living relief program for Queensland renters, with a plan to subsidise solar panels on rental properties across Queensland.

The Supercharged Solar for Renters plan will provide grants of up to $3,500 toward the installation of solar panels on rental homes.

The plan, announced by LNP Leader David Crisafulli today, is expected to save the average rental household over $700 per year on power bills and help ease the increasing pressures renters are facing in the Queensland Housing Crisis and Cost of Living Crisis.

Under the LNP’s Supercharged Solar for Renters plan the immediate benefit of cheaper power bills will flow directly to renters who pay for their own electricity while the grants are designed to incentivise eligible homeowners who would benefit from the long-term investment of solar technology on their investment property.  

The new Supercharged Solar for Renters plan is part of the LNP’s comprehensive commitment to driving-down cost of living pressures on Queenslanders and follows another policy announced by David Crisafulli last week of grants up to $5,000 to support women returning to work.

LNP Leader David Crisafulli said the Supercharged Solar for Renters plan would provide immediate relief for renters while delivering long-term benefits to the environment, should the LNP win the October election.  

“The Supercharged Solar for Renters program is a win-win, it’s good for the environment and good for the hip pocket of renters,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“Our plan will deliver practical, long-term cost of living relief to Queensland renters, while charging-up our solar power capabilities.

“At a time when Queenslanders are struggling to keep a roof over their head and pay the bills, this delivers real relief for one of the big kitchen table bills.”

After a trial of a similar program in 2019-20, the scheme was cut by the Labor Government, despite the plan having broad support from industry and renters.

In order to provide sustainable cost of living and housing relief, only homes with an existing tenancy agreement would be eligible for the grants.  

Shadow Minister for Energy and Cost of Living Deb Frecklington said Queenslanders had struggled for too long under the Palaszczuk-Miles Government whose chaos and crisis was driving-up the cost of living.

“The longer Labor are in power the worse Queensland’s Cost of Living Crisis gets and only the LNP has the right priorities for Queensland’s future,” Ms Frecklington said.

“The LNP’s priority is driving-down the cost pressures facing Queensland families, including power bills, which skyrocketed almost 20% just last year under Labor. That’s the biggest jump in the country,” Ms Frecklington.

“Not only will we drive-down power bills by getting our major power plant back online, but our Supercharged Solar for Renters plan will also eliminate hundreds of dollars in electricity costs for Queensland renters each year.

“It’s practical, it’s long-term, it’s the vision and plan Queenslanders deserve.

“Driving-down the Cost of Living is a priority for the LNP, because it’s a priority for Queenslanders.”