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COST OF LIVING CRISIS: Queenslanders to cop $53 power bill increase under Labor

19th March 2024

Labor’s failures at Callide drives-up Queensland power bills AGAIN while other States have power bill reprieve

‚ÄčThe Australian Energy Regulator has revealed Queenslanders are set to be slugged with another increase to power bills under Labor.

Power bills are going down in other States while Queenslanders are copping another $53 increase, after a whopping 19.9% increase last year.

Queenslanders’ power bills skyrocketed three times the national average last year, the worst in the nation, and now they’ll pay even more under Labor.

Labor’s failures at Callide are directly responsible for skyrocketing power bills.

In a Cost of Living Crisis, Labor is costing Queenslanders.

For 1,000 days our major power plant has been offline. 

Shockingly, Labor has missed seven deadlines to get it back online and still hasn’t come clean on what went wrong in the first place.

Now, Queenslanders will be slugged an extra $53 on their power bills.

Both the Queensland Competition Authority and the Auditor-General have confirmed Labor’s Callide failures are driving-up power bills.

Labor’s secret report into Callide still hasn’t been released and they’re keeping the truth under wraps.

This a government with the wrong priorities, in a constant state of chaos and crisis. 

The truth is, Queenslanders can’t trust Labor in a Cost of Living Crisis.

Only the LNP has the right priorities for Queensland’s future, including saving you paying for Labor’s failures.