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LNP announces plan to strengthen crime victims’ rights

26th March 2024

Crime victims’ rights bolstered in “Making Queensland Safer Laws” to be rolled-out by the end of the year 

‚ÄčThe LNP has today announced three major changes to strengthen the rights of victims of crimes under the LNP’s signature Making Queensland Safer Laws.

Unveiling the changes in Townsville today, LNP Leader David Crisafulli said strengthening victims’ rights in youth crime laws was a priority for the LNP.

If the LNP wins the October election an LNP Government would take strong action to strengthen the rights of victims of crime and:

  • Re-write the Sentencing Principles and the Charter of Youth Justice Principles in the Youth Justice Act to make victims’ rights paramount. The impact of crime on victims is currently the 10th consideration during sentencing and completely absent from the Charter of Youth Justice Principles. The LNP will re-write the sentencing principles and the Charter principles to ensure the full impact of youth crime on victims can be considered by the court and move victims’ rights up in the Youth Justice Act.
  • Lift the veil of secrecy by providing victims updates relating to their cases, with automatic updates. Crime victims must currently apply to receive updates regarding the justice process for youth offenders in what can be an overwhelming process. The LNP will remove the burden from victims and make it as easy as possible to receive updates, which is why we will shift the onus from “opt in” to “opt out”.

  • Amend the Children’s Court Act to remove the provision excluding victims and their families from Children’s Court on the basis of prejudice to offenders. Victims and their families are often blocked from court proceedings involving offenders, the LNP will remove that provision to allow victims and their families to always attend court.

The law changes are another part of the LNP’s Making Queensland Safer Laws which the LNP will roll-out if elected in October.

Under Labor, the number of victims of crime have grown by 213% as crime skyrockets across the State to record numbers.

LNP Leader David Crisafulli said Queensland victims of crime deserved to be a priority, not an afterthought.

“Today I commit to putting victims’ rights first in the Making Queensland Safer Laws, if the LNP is elected,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“Shockingly, victims of crime have been left to pick up the pieces under the Queensland Youth Crime Crisis, because of Labor’s weak laws and fewer police.

“Victims should not be left wondering if their offenders have faced consequences for their actions and their rights shouldn’t be left to be the last consideration.

“By re-writing youth justice laws, we can put victims’ rights first and lift the veil of secrecy around the outcome of their cases.”

The LNP’s Making Queensland Safer Laws are the strong crime laws Queenslanders have been demanding and will be a suite of laws designed to tackle the Youth Crime Crisis.

Amending the Youth Justice Act to remove Detention as a Last Resort will be the first change under the laws, and will be delivered before the end of the year if the LNP is elected in October.

Shadow Minister for Youth Justice Laura Gerber said Queenslanders deserved better than crime victims’ rights being at least the tenth consideration when youth criminals are sentenced.

“Labor has already said they won’t amend the Youth Justice Act and has blocked the LNP’s attempts to create stronger crime laws,” Ms Gerber said.

“The LNP will put victims’ rights at the heart of the Youth Justice Act, ensure the impact on victims is a principle consideration in sentencing.

“The Queensland Youth Crime Crisis continues to get worse under Labor’s chaos and crisis, nothing will change until the government changes.

“Queenslanders don’t trust Steven Miles and Labor aren't taking crime seriously because they have ignored the rights of victims.

“Steven Miles has already admitted he doesn’t believe he can change the Youth Crime Crisis his government created, because he’s just not up it.

“The LNP will deliver the best youth crime laws in the country and tackle the Youth Crime Crisis that Labor created with weak laws and fewer police.

“Only the LNP has the right priorities for Queensland’s Future, including making our community safer.”