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Miles’ Youth Crime chaos and crisis

27th March 2024

Steven Miles is just not up to it.

While Queenslanders have been suffering at the hands of youth criminals, Steven Miles has laughed at youth crime.

While Queenslanders have had their cars stolen, impacting their livelihoods, Steven Miles has refused to remove Detention as a Last Resort.

While Queenslanders have had their homes invaded, been held at knifepoint and their children threatened, Steven Miles has told Queenslanders he would not be changing youth crime laws.

This week, Steven Miles has flip-flopped on removing Detention as a Last Resort, before ruling it out this morning.

Now, it’s clear Steven Miles’ stance was all about playing politics and never about what was best for Queenslanders. 

That’s why Queenslanders can’t trust Steven Miles.

Labor is in chaos and crisis and Queenslanders are paying the price. 

When glimpsing his own political mortality, Steven Miles will jump to save himself.

When Queenslanders lives were at risk, he laughed.

Steven Miles has never taken youth crime seriously.

Victim numbers have gone up 213% under this Government.

Police numbers are going down, with 1521 fewer police today than Labor promised at the last election.

This is why Queenslanders can’t trust anything Steven Miles says, he stands for nothing.

Only the LNP has the Right Priorities for Queensland’s Future, including making our community safer.

The LNP will remove Detention as a Last Resort in the Making Queensland Safer Laws and put victims’ rights front and centre.