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Deb’s Facebook Survey seeks views of community

23rd May 2017

Member for Nanango, Deb Frecklington, has launched an online survey for residents of the Nanango Electorate - and one lucky participant will win a $300 wheelbarrow garden pack.

Mrs Frecklington said feedback from her 2016 hard copy survey showed many people thought an electronic survey option would be worthwhile.

“I want to better understand what the current issues are for people living in our region and what needs to be done to make it an even better place to live,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“This year I’ve put together an online survey via the social media website, Facebook. I’m always looking for new ways to contact people to encourage them to share their views, and Facebook is a great option for getting in touch with a broad range of households.

“Plus, one lucky participant will win a wheelbarrow garden pack valued at $300, from which has been purchased from local business, Airds Hardware in Nanango.

“The survey is fairly short and should only take a few minutes to complete, so just head to my Facebook page at ‘debfrecklingtonmp’,” Deb said.


Photo: By participating in Deb’s online Facebook survey, you have the chance to win a wheelbarrow garden pack valued at $300!

Argentinian peanut imports pose smut risk

22nd May 2017

Member for Nanango, Deb Frecklington has led calls on the Federal Government to suspend all peanut imports from Argentina pending an immediate review of all associated risks following an outbreak of smut disease.

Mrs Frecklington joined with the LNP’s Shadow Agriculture Minister Dale Last, to highlight growers concerns about ‘Peanut Smut’ which is widespread across Argentinian growing areas.

“The South Burnett is a major peanut growing region and local growers approached me about their very real concerns.

“The big danger is that if smut became established here, there is no way it could be eradicated.

“It is a disease that causes big production losses of up to 20 per cent and more, and once land becomes infected it has to be taken out of production,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“We need to keep our peanut industry smut-free.”

Mrs Frecklington said Kingaroy growers were not impressed with comments from Canberra bureaucrats about “risk-based biosecurity” and the government’s ability to respond to “new and emerging international pest and disease threats.”

“Until there can be an iron-clad guarantee from Canberra that there is no risk from bringing smut in from Argentina, then imports should cease,” Deb said.

LNP Shadow Agriculture Minister, Dale Last agreed that imports of raw and unshelled nuts posed an unaccepted risk to the state’s peanut industry near Kingaroy.

“Pending the outcome, the review could facilitate resumption of imports of lower risk processed peanuts,” Mr Last said

“The last thing Queensland agriculture needs is another exotic disease or pest. If there’s any level of risk then imports must stop.”

Mr Last said it was time to shut the door on any new biosecurity risk given the recent devastation of southern Queensland prawn farms by white spot disease, Panama disease in bananas in North Queensland and the on-going spread of Asian honey bees – carriers of the highly-destructive Verroa mites that could wipe out the local honey industry.

Photo: With Rob Patch from the Peanut Van.


Regional road networks ignored by Labor

18th May 2017

Member for Nanango, Deb Frecklington has called on the Labor Government to reinstate much needed funding for highways in the Nanango Electorate.

Mrs Frecklington said she made the plea* in Parliament after hearing of yet another road fatality on the Brisbane Valley Highway.

“Anyone who travels the highways and main connecting networks throughout the Somerset, South Burnett and Crows Nest regions knows these roads can be dangerous,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“I spoke in Parliament about the high level of investment made under our former LNP Government to help improve these ageing road corridors.

“We invested $10million through the Royalties for our Regions program for new overtaking lanes on the Brisbane Valley Highway and D’Aguilar Highway. Two more overtaking lanes were also built on the Bunya Highway and again on the D’Aguilar between Nanango and Kingaroy.

“In fact, in the financial year 2013/14, forty percent (40%) of the state-controlled roads in the Nanango Electorate either had works started, or ready to begin.

“But now the investment in the Nanango Electorate road network has dropped away almost entirely under this Labor Government. We have seen some works undertaken, but this funding has come from the Federal Government. There have been no new overtaking lanes and no real promise of future funding.

“For example, we really need overtaking lanes on the New England Highway especially between Crows Nest and Cooyar. There’s also the section of road just south of Harlin on the Brisbane Valley Highway which also needs an overtaking lane and re-alignment to make it safer.

“For people in regional areas, continued road investment is critical. It helps ensure producers can get their product to market, it brings tourists, it transports goods to our region and most importantly, it means our community can get where they need to go safely, each day.

“I’m calling on the Labor Government to remember our regional road networks and make the investments needed to keep our community safe,” Mrs Frecklington said.

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