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Annastacia Palaszczuk is clueless on youth crime

11th December 2018

Labor’s latest plan to tackle youth offending has proven that Annastacia Palaszczuk is totally out of touch with the community on crime, LNP leader Deb Frecklington said today.

Ms Frecklington said the Palaszczuk Government’s plan to cut youth offending by just five per cent by 2022 was pathetic.

Ms Frecklington said restorative justice programs already happen in Queensland and that Labor must urgently put the interests of victims before offenders.

“No one wants to lock up kids and throw away the keys – but young offenders need more than a ticking off to stop offending,” Ms Frecklington said.

“Youth crime is increasing and detention centres are over-flowing. We have a crime crisis and this Government clearly doesn’t have a clue.

“The target of cutting crime by just five per cent shows Labor doesn’t care about crime or victims.

“Offenders who repeatedly commit serious crime should be in detention and off the streets.

“Under Labor our detention centres have more riots than rehabilitation. That’s the problem.”

Shadow Attorney-General David Janetzki said the LNP would dramatically cut youth crime.

“We would put victims of crime and community safety first,” Mr Janetzki said.

“We would re-introduce tough breach of bail laws and we would fix Labor’s youth detention centre crisis.

“If victims want to face offenders they should be able to, but if required offenders should still go to detention.

“The victims I speak to think that justice is disappearing from the justice system. They don't want more counselling sessions, they want a justice system that works for them.”

NB: According to the Queensland Police Service Statistical Review, robberies by young offenders have increased by 36.5 per cent since Annastacia Palaszczuk became Premier, car thefts have risen 42 per cent and assaults have risen 15 per cent.


Labor’s lack of leadership puts Queensland kids at risk

11th December 2018

Queensland kids are being left in protection limbo, with matters concerning children subject to emergency orders not meeting prescribed time frames.

Shadow Minister for Child Safety and Youth Stephen Bennett said more children are now being put at unnecessary risk of harm due to the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s inaction on child safety reforms.

“Children who needed an emergency order for their safety and protection were failed when less than 79% of cases referred to the DCPL met the prescribed timeframe of no later than 24 hours before the emergency order ends,” Mr. Bennett said.

“Shockingly 93% of all children under Child Safety’s watch who needed an ongoing Child Protection Order to secure their safety and protection were failed as only around 7% of these matters made it to the Court process in time.

“Under the Palaszczuk Labor Government, the Department of Child Safety is a department in crisis.

“When emergency orders for child protection are consistently failing to meet prescribed timeframes, clearly action needs to be taken.

“We shouldn’t have to wait for another tragic and avoidable child death for this Palaszczuk Labor Government to start taking action on child safety.

"When it comes to the safety of Queensland's children, more must clearly be done.”

The Director Child Protection Litigation’s Annual Report 2017-18

Year on year comparison

Esk Cricket Club are Local Heroes

10th December 2018

Member for Nanango, Deb Frecklington has proudly presented one of her Local Hero Grants to the Esk and District Cricket Club to help them purchase equipment and re-surface their home-ground cricket pitch in Toogoolawah.

Mrs Frecklington presented the grant to the club’s president, Anthony Buchanan, and Toogoolawah State School Principal, Gary Hutchinson.

“During the bushfires around Toogoolawah in September, the artificial turf covering the cricket pitch at Toogoolawah State School was blown away when an emergency helicopter landed on the school oval,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“The Esk Cricket Club junior teams use this cricket pitch for their home games, but rules for junior cricket state that the pitch must have an artificial turf cover and games cannot be played on a concrete surface.

“The club wrote to me seeking some assistance to help them repair the pitch and I was really happy to help with one of my Local Hero Grants.

“The Esk Cricket Club has seen some ups and downs, but they currently have an Under 10’s team and a combined Under 13’s team with Helidon so they are keen to enjoy a good summer of cricket and grow their members,” Deb said.

The other successful applicants for Round 7 of Deb’s Local Hero Grants include:

  1. Nanango State School P&C to assist students who may not be able to afford uniforms, stationery etc
  2. Summer Millard to help her attend the Athletics Australia Track & Field Championships in Sydney in early 2019
  3. Cherbourg Hornets to help purchase shirts for the women’s senior team
  4. Esk and District Cricket Club to help purchase equipment and repair the cricket pitch.

Round 8 of Deb’s Local Hero Grants is now open with applications closing 31 March 2019. If you would like to apply, please go to the website at or contact the Nanango Electorate office on 4190 7100 for the guidelines.

Photo: Member for Nanango, Deb Frecklington, presented a Local Hero Grant to the President of Esk & District Cricket Club, Anthony Buchanan and Toogoolawah SS Principal, Gary Hutchinson.


ANZ abandons our country communities

7th December 2018

Member for Nanango, Deb Frecklington says the ANZ Bank has delivered the final nail in the coffin for the Toogoolawah and Esk communities by failing to renew its contract with Australia Post.

Mrs Frecklington said the closure of the Toogoolawah ANZ branch in early 2016 was hard enough for the community, but the withdrawal of basic banking services for ANZ customers at Australia Post outlets from mid-January 2019 is the last straw.

“ANZ has literally abandoned its regional customers. There will be no option for ANZ customers who need to do their banking, and this is completely unacceptable,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“There are community groups and businesses who need to deposit their takings and without access to these basic services, they’ll have to travel to Kilcoy.

“People in small regional towns like Toogoolawah really value their local banking services, but once again we’re seeing large companies relinquish their commitment to serve country people.

“Unfortunately, this is now a common theme for the big banks, who believe they can service their customers just as well online.

“However, for community groups, and businesses, it will always be necessary for them to have access to physical banking services. And we all know that many people in regional areas have poor internet connection, or no computer access at all, so internet banking isn’t always the answer.

“It is obvious ANZ does not care about its country customers and is willing to literally abandon them. It is absolutely disgusting,” Deb said.

Palaszczuk betrays the bush with college closures

5th December 2018

Labor’s callous decision to close Queensland’s last remaining agricultural colleges is a hammerblow to the bush, LNP Leader Deb Frecklington said today.

More than 100 people are set to lose their jobs when the colleges at Emerald and Longreach are closed – and a generation of young country people will lose valuable opportunities to forge careers in farming.

Ms Frecklington said it was astonishing that a $23 billion industry that supports 300,000 Queensland jobs would not have a training college in the state under Labor.

“Labor has now closed ag colleges in Burdekin, Dalby, Longreach and Emerald,” Ms Frecklington said.

“This year Queenslanders everywhere came together to support farmers battling the drought – but Annastacia Palaszczuk doesn’t give a damn about the bush.

“The Premier loves to front fund-raising campaigns but her government is piling on more misery for drought-stricken communities.

“Our ag colleges were once the best in the Australia but Labor have been deliberately running them down.

“Labor axed local control of the colleges and they have refused scholarship plans put forward by the industry.

“The colleges have been bound up in red-tape and run incompetently from Brisbane. Now Labor has finally succeeded in killing them off.

“But while our ag colleges are being axed, colleges are booming in other states like New South Wales, Victoria and WA.”

Shadow Agriculture Minister Tony Perrett said the closure of the colleges was a tragedy.

“You would think closing these colleges would be the last thing on Annastacia Palaszczuk’s mind given rural Queensland has the highest unemployment rate in Australia and a chronic skills shortage,” Mr Perrett said.

“We should be doing more to encourage young Queenslanders to stay in the regions, learn a skill and get a decent job.

“My heart also goes out to all of the QATC staff going who are now facing an uncertain future right before Christmas.

Ms Frecklington said the Coaldrake Report was an exercise in privatisation by stealth.

“The answer isn’t closure, the answer is making sure the model is right for student needs in the 21st century,” Ms Frecklington said.

“Today’s decision is on the back of axed the School to Industry Partnership Program and Labor’s anti-farmer vegetation laws.

“Labor is betraying the bush and Mark Furner is now officially Australia’s worst Agriculture Minister.”

LNP Member for Gregory Lachlan Millar said the news was a devastating blow to the Longreach and Emerald communities.

“Closing these colleges is more proof that Labor does not rule for the regions and doesn’t care about struggling rural communities,” Mr Millar said.

“These communities will be devastated by this decision and I urge them to fight this with me.”


Toogoolawah speed reduction petition falls on deaf ears

5th December 2018

Calls to lower the speed limit to 80km/hr at the intersection of the Brisbane Valley Highway with Old Mount Beppo Road have fallen on deaf ears.

Member for Nanango, Deb Frecklington says the petition, coordinated by the Toogoolawah State High School P&C Association has been rejected by the Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Mark Bailey.

“The Minister’s response to the Petition was tabled on 30 November and unfortunately, the Palaszczuk Labor Government does not believe a speed limit reduction is necessary,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“It’s another slap in the face for regional townships like Toogoolawah, and the 170 genuine local residents who signed the petition and know first-hand about the safety concerns at this location.

“The Minister acknowledged that his Department has not conducted a speed limit review on this section of road since 2012, so it is disappointing that this request by the community has not been considered.

“However, we now have confirmation that the Old Mount Beppo Road intersection is on the list of the delayed works to the Brisbane Valley Highway. The intersection will be upgraded to include a right-turn lane and line-marked arrows for the left-turn.

“I know the community have been asking for turning lanes at this intersection for some times, so this may go some way towards tackling the speed issue as well.

“Once again, I’d like to thank the Toogoolawah SHS P&C who coordinated the petition, and while our request has been rejected this time, the Labor Government has been put on notice about this important local issue,” Deb said.

Funding ensures upgrades for Kingaroy Sporting Club

3rd December 2018

Member for Nanango, Deb Frecklington has congratulated the Kingaroy Sporting Club on receiving a $34,689 Gambling Community Benefit Grant through Round 96 of the program.

Mrs Frecklington visited the Club to meet with members and hear about the planned upgrades.

“It’s great to see the reinvigoration of the Kingaroy Sporting Club and this funding will certainly help improve its facilities,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“The Committee will be using the funding to remove asbestos material, and to carry out electrical and plumbing works.

“These works will help the Club grow and provide better access to the many different activities which take place at the Club including boxing, martial arts, general fitness and line dancing.

“This is a great example of a group identifying how a grant can help grow their Club. I encourage all local groups, however big or small, to consider applying for a Gambling Community Benefit Fund Grant to help achieve their goals.”

For more information give my office or call on 4190 7100, or head to

Photo 1: Member for Nanango, Deb Frecklington, congratulated the Kingaroy Sporting Club on their funding success. From l to Lenny Hams, Gary Tessmann, Deb Frecklington and President, Dan Sempf.