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Labor cuts lifeline for rural women facing domestic violence

26th June 2017

  • Palaszczuk Government fails to renew funding for vital phone counselling service for rural women facing domestic violence
  • Funding for Women’s Legal Service hotline initiated by LNP in 2012 is due to run out on July 1, but Labor to let line go dead
  • 13,000 victims of violence unlikely to have anyone to take their call unless Annastacia Palaszczuk acts to renew funding

The Palaszczuk Government has failed to continue funding for a vital telephone hotline service providing advice for rural and regional women and their families trying to escape domestic violence.

LNP Deputy Leader and Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington said due to funding cuts imposed by the Palaszczuk Labor Government set to take effect from July 1, this vital service to rural and regional women would no longer be available.

“The hotline run by the Women's Legal Service provides invaluable legal support and advice to vulnerable women across Queensland, particularly women desperately seeking help in life-threatening situations,” Ms Frecklington said.

“As a critical access point for rural and regional women, this will mean their chances of getting through to someone who can help will significantly decrease.

“The Women's Legal Service estimates that, on current demand, 13,000 victims of violence in Queensland will no longer be able to access this phone service.

“This legal assistance is essential for the safety of thousands of vulnerable women who will not leave an abusive home unless they know about their legal rights to a protection order or how to protect their children through the family court system.”

LNP Shadow Attorney-General Ian Walker said in 2012 the LNP provided $750,000 over three years to keep this hotline going because it had helped so many women.

“In 2014, we extended that funding arrangement until 30 June 2017 - that funding is about to run out and has not been renewed by Labor,” Mr Walker said.

“Vulnerable women and their families in regional Queensland deserve better.

“We are urging rural and regional Queenslanders to contact Annastacia Palaszczuk today and tell her to reverse Labor's unfair funding cuts.”

The numbers don't lie, 9.8 million reasons not to trust Labor on Cross River Rail

19th June 2017

Labor has been caught out over-estimating demand for rail services to prop up Cross River Rail.

Labor’s secret business case assumes six per cent year-on-year growth in passengers but the reality is, there have been 9.8 million fewer passengers on our trains over the last eight years.

In 2008, Queensland trains carried an estimated 60 million people; by 2015 this number had dropped to 51.1 million.

Labor’s claimed six per cent year-on-year growth can’t be believed.

Like all of Labor’s numbers about Cross River Rail, they just don’t add up.

The true cost of Cross River Rail is $14.5 billion, not the $5.4 billion claimed by Labor.

Labor’s cost estimate doesn’t include trains, works to integrate Cross River Rail with the existing network or running costs.

It would be like building a hospital but not having any money for beds and nurses.

Independent economists have called out the Cross River Rail business case as weak.

Annastacia Palaszczuk needs to release the secret business case in full, given every Queenslander will be paying the $14.5 billion price tag for this project.

Labor knows its numbers are dodgy. The capacity constraint on the Merivale Bridge won’t occur until 2026 at the earliest, so we have the time to get this right.

Labor has a record of wasting Queenslanders’ money on projects that aren’t needed, including the cancelled Traveston Dam ($500 million), the $380 million Wyaralong Dam that isn’t even connected to the water grid and the $2.6 billion Western Corridor Recycled Water Corridor.