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Labor reforms will slug shoppers at the checkout

13th April 2018

The price of fruit and vegies is set to soar if Labor’s new vegetation management laws pass Parliament, the Liberal National Party warned today.

Speaking ahead of a rally against the legislation in Cairns today, LNP Deputy Leader Tim Mander said the legislation would stop farms expanding and meeting the state’s growing demand for fresh produce.

"Labor wants to stop new farming in Queensland even though our population is booming," Mr Mander said.

"Where does Annastacia Palaszczuk think the fresh produce in our shops comes from?

"If farmers can’t grow more fruit and veg to feed our growing cities then produce prices will inevitably go up. Labor’s plan is bad news for farming and bad news for struggling families.

"We should be supporting Queensland agriculture, not strangling it."

Growcom, the peak body for fruit and vegetable growers, has already warned that Queensland is not producing enough fresh produce to supply the seven daily serves of fruit and vegetables the State Government recommends we eat.*

It has also questioned why Labor is allowing agricultural land to be lost to new housing while refusing to allow new farm production elsewhere.

Shadow Agriculture Minister Tony Perrett has called on Labor to re-think its vegetation reforms.

"There’s no way rural producers will be able to keep up with demand in future," Mr Perrett said.

"Labor’s laws will mean fewer jobs in regional communities and higher food bills for Queenslanders everywhere.

"There is no scientific or economic justification for Labor’s policy. Annastacia Palaszczuk is just trying to appease inner-city greens who demonise Aussie farmers.

"The LNP is standing shoulder to shoulder with farmers to fight this appalling legislation."