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Parliamentary Committees

Parliamentary committees remain busy undertaking their responsibilities of examining proposed new laws and inquiring into other issues of importance to Queenslanders. For detailed information see the Committee page of the Queensland Parliament website. 

When Bills are introduced into the Parliament, the default process followed is that they are immediately referred to the relevant parliamentary committee which then seeks public input on the Bill. Based on submissions received and evidence provided by stakeholders and interested members of the public, the committee then assesses the likely impact of the Bill and where appropriate recommends any amendments that the committee believes will improve the proposed legislation. A report on the committee’s examination of the Bill including its recommendations is then prepared and tabled. (The ‘tabling’ of a report means that it becomes a public document and it is published on the Parliament’s website.)

Anyone with an interest in any of Bills or issues can follow the progress of committee inquiries and get involved. Please check the Parliament’s website to see the status of an inquiry, including dates for public submissions to be received and upcoming hearing details.

Individuals, groups and organisations are encouraged to make submissions and have their opinions heard. The Parliament’s website address is

On the website’s front page, select the ‘Work of Committees’ tab to find all information relevant to each committee and their current and past inquiries. Copies of all committee reports are available on the Queensland Parliament’s website.