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Deb's Year 12 School Leavers Bursary

The Electorate of Nanango takes in a wide regional area. For many school leavers, it is often necessary to travel, or move to major centres to access further education after leaving Year 12. In recognition of this need, and to support students who wish to further their qualifications after completing Year 12 I have developed a Year 12 School Leavers Bursary.

This bursary is designed to provide financial assistance to help School Leavers with the costs associated with moving to their place of learning, and the purchase of books, IT, trade tools and other necessary requirements.

To apply, please see the Guidelines and then send your application via email to nanango@parliament.qld.gov.au or mail PO Box 1158, Kingaroy QLD. For further information please call 4190 7100.