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Plenty of reasons to celebrate Local Manufacturing

Plenty of reasons to celebrate Local Manufacturing

15th November 2021

Member for Nanango, and Shadow Minister for Manufacturing, Deb Frecklington has congratulated Plenty Foods on their successful application to the Federal Government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative grant program to help build a unique Nut Flour factory in Kingaroy.

Mrs Frecklington said the project will be of great importance to the South Burnett Region and will put a new focus on manufacturing in the region.

“I would like to congratulate Josh Gadischke and his team at Plenty Foods on their vision to create a nut flour factory right here in Kingaroy,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“Through the support of this Federal Government grant, this vision will now come to fruition, creating employment and significant flow-on benefits for the local supply chain and broader community.

“We have seen this local, family-owned business grow from strength to strength over the past three decades to become one of the most advanced, specialty cold pressed oil processors in Australia and the world.

“This extension of the Plenty Foods business will see the local manufacture of defatted nut flour, a gluten free alternative from nuts such as almonds, peanuts and macadamias.

“Previously these products have had to be imported, but now they will be made right here in our own backyard, which is fantastic for our region.

“It is great to have passionate, positive people such as Josh who believe in the manufacturing industry and who support regional areas.

“There is no doubt this project will be of significant benefit to our region and I look forward to seeing the plant take shape here in Kingaroy,” Deb said.

Deb’s School Leavers Bursary – Round 3 Now Open!

8th November 2021

Member for Nanango, Deb Frecklington, has announced that Round Three of her Nanango Electorate ‘Year 12 School Leavers Bursary is now open.

Mrs Frecklington said the $1,000 bursary was an important way she could support the region’s school leavers as they make the next step in their education journey.

“It is always a major step for our Year 12 School Leavers who must travel away for TAFE, university or other training and this bursary is one way I can help support them on this journey,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“The Bursary aims to provide financial assistance with the costs associated with moving to their place of learning, tools, the purchase of books, IT or other necessary requirements.

“It provides me with an opportunity to show my support for young people who are passionate about further their skills and education, and who may not otherwise be able to afford to live away from home,” Deb said.

“Applications are now open to Year 12 students who live within the Nanango Electorate, with applications closing on 1st February 2022.

“Five applicants will be shortlisted and the successful recipient will be selected through a panel interview in early February.

“Last year’s winner was Olivia Almond who graduated from Kingaroy State High School and needed to move to Brisbane to take up her Bachelor of Vision Science degree. Olivia was able to use the Bursary with the costs associated with moving from her home at Pimpimbudgee to her new accommodation in Brisbane.”

If you would like to apply, please go to Deb’s website at and follow the link, or contact the Electorate Office on 4190 7100 for Bursary guidelines.

Exhausted regional ambos overtime hours revealed

5th November 2021

The Queensland Health Crisis is taking a heavy toll on paramedics across regional Queensland, with new government data showing the staggering amount of overtime hours being taken and the growing cost of meal allowances.

Responding to a Question on Notice from the LNP, state government statistics have revealed more than 24,000 hours of overtime was taken in the 2020-21 financial year and meal allowances reached one million dollars in Cairns and the Hinterland.

Central Queensland, Wide Bay and the Darling Downs topped more than half a million dollars in meal allowances, while the Sunshine Coast had a whopping $3,992,336 worth of meal payments.

The overtime hours are just as concerning, with the Sunshine Coast ambos working more than 93,000 overtime hours in the last financial year, the most in regional Queensland, followed by Cairns with 24,376.

Shadow Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Ros Bates said our frontline staff are absolutely exhausted.

“Queensland’s Health system is sick,” Ms Bates said.

“This is yet another symptom of the Queensland Health crisis.

“Our paramedics are stuck waiting on hospital ramps and they’re missing their break times.

“It’s costing taxpayers millions of dollars a year, but worse, it’s leaving our paramedics exhausted and burnt out.

“Labor is losing control of the health system.

“As a nurse and former hospital administrator, I know how stressful it is for our hard working paramedics who are overworked and under-resourced.

“The LNP has put solutions on the table including more beds, improved triaging, empowering local hospital boards and introducing real time data monitoring for our emergency departments.

“The embattled Health Minister is more interested in trying to ban the LNP from twitter than actually doing her job.

“Our paramedics deserve more respect and support from the state government.”

Source: Question on Notice, Queensland Government -

Caboolture Hospital victims deserve justice

5th November 2021

Statement from Deb Frecklington

“This is a shocking example of a lack of accountability,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“People from a large part of my Electorate attend Caboolture Hospital for their surgery each year, and many of them have been subjected to the failings of the health system.

“The Minister for Health must be accountable to my community and provide real answers about what has been going wrong at Caboolture Hospital,” Deb said.


Statement from David Crisafulli, Leader of the Opposition

The State Government’s review into shocking allegations of botched surgeries at Caboolture Hospital has failed victims and whistleblowers who are still suffering from their horrific experiences.

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said the review, critical to finding answers as to what went wrong at the hospital, was a dud.

It failed on three fronts:

  • No one was held accountable despite more cases of botched surgeries reported at Caboolture Hospital than any other in the region despite fewer procedures;
  • Alleged botched surgeries prior to 2020 were not included in the review despite the State Government’s promise they would be;
  • Cases identified via a hotline set up by the State Government were not included in the review again, despite a promise they would be.

“This is a dud report to protect a dud Minister,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“The Premier today said it was her understanding that all cases were looked at.

“Her understanding is wrong.

“I say to the Premier, if you have a heart and if you believe in transparency, you’ll open this up properly and investigate these claims.

“Because this is the kind of report you get when you’re not really looking for the truth.”

Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates said it was a sham review to support an embattled Health Minister.

“This report shows patients don’t matter, you can maim people and no one is responsible or held accountable,” Ms Bates said.

“As a registered nurse and a former hospital administrator it is unbelievable that one of the comments relates to doctors and staff needing to engage with a patient who has suffered a hospital-acquired complication and to explain what had happened.

“This is basic care.

“Open disclosure and transparency is not new, and it should have been implemented many years ago.

“Each of the recommendations highlight a complete lack of governance and leadership.

“There are so many failings and multiple examples where quality and safety protocols have been ignored, it’s no wonder patients have been maimed and hurt.

“The Health Minister is solely responsible for this sham review and should be held accountable.”


22nd October 2021


“I welcome the announcement by the Federal Government of the taskforce to examine the impacts of regional bank branch closures,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“This is an issue which is seriously affecting our community, with many branch closures across our region over the past few years, the most recent announcement being ANZ in Kingaroy.

“I would encourage anyone affected by bank branch closures to have their say when the taskforce opens up for public consultation,” Deb said.



A Regional Banking Taskforce has been established by the Liberal and Nationals Government to assess the impact of bank branch closures on regional communities.

The Taskforce will bring together banks and other key stakeholders to assess how bank branch closures have impacted local businesses, industries and communities and work collaboratively to identify possible solutions.

Minister for Regionalisation Bridget McKenzie said the taskforce will provide a platform to establish how the transformation within the banking industry, particularly branch closures, has affected those living in the regions.

“Having access to bank branches is vital for every community, particularly for residents who are unable to use online services to conduct their banking.

“As we have heard, bank branch closures in the regions also affect the liveability of towns, and so I am pleased to announce this taskforce will be looking at how we can keep banking services in rural Australia,” Minister McKenzie said.

Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar welcomed the formation of the Taskforce to evaluate the impact of bank branch closures in regional Australia.

“The Regional Banking Taskforce will enable the Government to work closely with the banks and local communities to assess how these services can best be delivered in our regions,” Minister Sukkar said.

Senator for NSW Perin Davey said that the establishment of the Taskforce represented a significant milestone, as it brought the opportunity not only to enquire into issues, but also to bring together stakeholders to find solutions.

“A taskforce is an important step forward because it will allow us to draw on the knowledge of the banks and businesses to find workable solutions to this issue,” she said.

“Banks and financial service providers have communicated to me a desire to find ways to service regional communities, and I look forward to exploring those constructive avenues through this

The Co-Chairs of the Taskforce are:

  • Assistant Treasurer, Minister for Housing and Minister for Homelessness, Social and Community Housing the Hon. Michael Sukkar (as Co-Chair) reporting to the Treasurer and
  • Senator Perin Davey (as Co-Chair) reporting to the Minister for Emergency Management and National Recovery and Resilience and Minister for Regionalisation, Regional Communications and Regional Education, Senator the Hon. Bridget McKenziE

    Members include senior representatives from:
  • Banks – ANZ; Commonwealth Bank of Australia; National Australia Bank; Westpac; Bendigo and Adelaide Bank; Bank of Queensland;
  • Peak bodies – the Australian Banking Association, the Customer Owned Banking Association; the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia; the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Australia Post; and
  • The Australian Local Government Association.

The Taskforce will hold its first meeting in early November and will release an issues paper for public consultation.

The Regional Banking Taskforce and the Government’s support for rural and regional communities is part of our economic plan to support the recovery and keep Australians together.

Joint Media Statement - Cherbourg & District Vaccination rates

21st October 2021

Member for Nanango, Deb Frecklington and Federal Member for Wide Bay, Llew O’Brien



Now is the time to step up and get vaccinated against COVID 19.

Together with the Cherbourg Council both Federal Member for Wide Bay, Llew O’Brien and State Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington are calling on their community to protect themselves against COVID.

Now that we have better access to vaccines in our region we encourage community members to take up this opportunity and get vaccinated so we can look after our family and friends.