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SeqWater Homes remain empty during housing crisis

5th July 2024

Member for Nanango, Deb Frecklington says it is unacceptable that ten SeqWater owned homes in Somerset Dam Village continue to remain empty during the current housing crisis.

Mrs Frecklington said the community are becoming increasingly concerned about why the homes have been empty since June 2020.

“For four years, these sturdy, decent homes have sat empty while families from our region desperately search to put a roof over their heads,” Deb said.

“In 2022 I asked a Question on Notice* of the Minister for the for Regional Development, and Manufacturing and Minister for Water, Glenn Butcher about why the SeqWater properties were empty and the explanation was linked to the Somerset Dam Improvement Project.

“Another two years down the track I again asked the Minister to explain why the homes are still empty and I have received a similar answer, that they are being held for future use when upgrade works start on Somerset Dam.

“Well, we have now been waiting on the results of the Somerset Dam Improvement Project Detailed Business Case since it was first announced in 2016 and at this stage, we still have no idea when or if this project will ever begin.

“During this time, the homes should not have been left vacant. It is completely unacceptable in a time when so many vulnerable people can’t find accommodation.

“Unfortunately, empty State Government owned homes are not uncommon around our region and I have previously called out the State Government on this issue. 

“I am calling on the State Government and SeqWater to make a decision about these houses as soon as possible so the community can understand how they will be used in the future,” Deb said.

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*Question on Notice 597 (2024) -

Photo: One of the empty homes in Somerset Dam Village