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LNP to empower “home-grown” public service for Queensland’s Future

21st November 2023

David Crisafulli launches policy for nation-leading public service

The LNP has today launched a bold policy to build a nation-leading “home-grown” public service, with a seven-point plan to empower and strengthen Queensland’s public sector.

The Leader of the Opposition used his Queensland Media Club speech to unveil initiatives to bolster Queensland’s public service capabilities, including a new Corporate Graduate Program and an independent Public Sector Commission.

The seven-point policy focuses on restoring public service integrity, capability and accountability, by:

  • ​Establishing an independent Public Sector Commission.
  • Setting clear goals and KPIs so Ministers and Directors-General can be held accountable.
  • Reviewing the internal complaints procedures to restore integrity, independence and procedural fairness to the process.
  • Enhancing Graduate programs and opportunities.
  • Requiring all contracts and consultancies to include a substantial training and professional development component to strengthen the public service capability.
  • Provide training and professional development to better suit public servants’ individual needs to embrace new approaches to deliver better infrastructure and services.
  • Committing to no forced redundancies.

Mr Crisafulli said good governments relied on a strong public service to deliver programs and services to secure Queensland’s future.

“Today the LNP has announced it will build the best home-grown public service in the nation, for a modern Queensland,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“Our public service policy is a long-term vision to grow the best public service in the nation from within.

“For too long Queensland’s public service has been subjected to Labor’s chaos and crisis, but this will end under an LNP Government.

“Labor’s culture of fear and cover-up will no longer rule decision-making, instead, the LNP will restore integrity, capability and accountability to Queensland’s public service.

“Under the LNP, the days of Ministers’ offices forcing advice to be withheld or changed for fear of reprisals will end, we will empower the public service to unleash fearless and frank advice.

“We will foster a culture where people feel proud to serve in our public service and are proud to help build Queensland’s future.

“We will restore true independence and sever political ties to allow the Public Sector Governance Council to be truly independent, without being stifled by the Premier’s Department.

“We will put an end to constantly outsourcing the work of the public service to the Big 4 consultancy firms and instead rebuild our skills from within.

“This will start with a corporate graduate program, a new two-year dedicated program with rotating placements delivering training across policy and strategy, data and digital, project management, financial acumen and legal and ethics.

“This program will be in addition to our continued focus on frontline service graduates such as doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

“We will attract the brightest and best young minds to the public service and partner them with the best experienced talent to build the next generation of leaders.”

Mr Crisafulli said a strengthened and empowered public service would be one of the LNP’s key priorities in government.

“Queenslanders deserve better than the era of cost blowouts and poor project management Labor has delivered, which is why our priority is to end the chaos and crisis,” he said.

“Only by growing a Public Service that’s secure in its employment, empowered in decision-making and free to give fearless and frank advice will we be able to overcome the challenges holding Queensland back.

“A strong and empowered public service will allow us to heal the Queensland Health Crisis, ease the Queensland Housing Crisis, tackle the Queensland Youth Crime Crisis and ease the cost-of-living crisis. 

“It’s our priority because Queenslanders want a government that delivers for them.

“With the Right Priorities we’re charting a new course for Queensland and building the best public service in the nation is how we plan to get there.”