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LNP announces $175 million Staying on Track program

8th July 2024


New 12-month intensive rehabilitation program to bridge the gap from detention to community to drive down youth reoffending rates

The LNP has today announced a $175 million plan to stop the detention system becoming a merry-go-round for the growing cohort of serious repeat youth offenders holding Queensland hostage to youth crime.

The Staying on Track program is part of the LNP’s Making Our Community Safer plan and will restore discipline and rehabilitation as the key focuses for kids in detention and deliver an intensive 12-month rehabilitation program to support kids reintegrating into communities and avoid falling into a cycle of repeat crime.

Under the LNP’s plan, young people will have 12-month post-release support from a community service who is partnered with them while in detention, to bridge the transition to community, offering stability and a pathway to education and employment over the year after release.

Every plan will be tailored to the young person and designed to help them prepare for a productive future in employment and community, with tasks including schooling or TAFE, driving lessons, professional mentoring, volunteering, sports and extra-curriculars.

Queensland has the highest rate of recidivism in Australia, with 91% of young people released from detention returning within a year, exposing detention is serving only to detain, not rehabilitate offenders.

In fact, last year 972 young criminals were sentenced to youth detention and 447 of those were sentenced to more than one stint of detention.

The Queensland Youth Crime Crisis has been fuelled by a growing cohort of hardcore repeat offenders who are holding Queenslanders hostage in communities across the State.

LNP Leader David Crisafulli said detention should not only be getting dangerous kids off our streets, but also rehabilitating them so they could be turned away from lives of crime. 

“The LNP’s Staying on Track program will put a 12-month bridging plan with at least 6 months intensive supervision in place to help youth offenders turn their lives away from crime when they’re released from detention,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“Detention must not only be about getting these kids off the street for community safety, this is also about intervening in kids’ lives before they’re hardened criminals.

“While reoffending rates are skyrocketing the community is less safe, we need to reduce the number of victims we have by intervening.

“The LNP’s plan will include up to 12 months of supervision and support, including education, skills training and community connection for every youth offender leaving detention.

“Releasing kids from detention without support, without supervision and without expectations, is allowing them to fall back into the same cycle of crime, without hope for the future.

“The LNP will ensure every young person has a plan for success, with personalised, targeted support to divert them from crime and ensure they have the skills to build a positive future.

“A youth crime sentence shouldn’t breed better criminals.

“Staying on Track will work hand in hand with Adult Crime, Adult Time, which will restore consequences for actions and deter crime by sentencing youth offenders to adult time for serious crimes.

“We must put an end to the detention merry-go-round and have plans in place to ensure kids are not put on a youth crime loop.

“After a decade in power, Queenslanders know Labor has no plan to stop the Youth Crime Crisis and they can’t be trusted when it comes to crime.

“Only the LNP will reform detention to stop the youth offender cycle and make our community safer.

“Only the LNP has the Right Plan for Queensland’s Future.”