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Road fatalities in our region

31st May 2019

Like many others in the South Burnett and surrounding regions, I am struggling to come to terms with the tragedy we have experienced on our roads during the past few weeks.

It seems like every time we hear the news, another family has been impacted by the loss of a loved one because of a fatal road crash. No one can explain why so many fatalities have occurred in our region over such a short period of time, and we can only hope and pray this trend does not continue.

My heart goes out to the families and victims. These lives have been lost in an instant and their loved ones will spend a lifetime in mourning.

Our thoughts and thanks should also go to the first responders, the Police, Ambulance, QFES, SES, Council and many more for the difficult job they have had. I read with great sadness Snr Sgt Dave Tierney’s heartfelt plea. It is powerful, and I encourage everyone to make the time to read his full message.

Living in the country we all spend a lot of time in our cars getting from A to B, and our journeys are often on single-lane highways, or unsealed roads which require extra attention and concentration. I support Snr Sgt Tierney’s urgent call for us all to step up and realise that we are the key to improving road safety. When we get behind the wheel, we must slow down, drive to the conditions, stay off our phones and focus.

These past few weeks remind us that road safety really does affect us all. Please stay safe on our roads.

Deb Frecklington
Member for Nanango