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Labor fails to back tough LNP trespass laws

4th November 2019

A Parliamentary Committee stacked with Labor MP’s has voted against supporting the LNP’s tough trespass laws despite overwhelming support from the community and industry for the Bill.

LNP Shadow Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Dale Last moved the Criminal Code (Trespass Offences) Amendment Bill in response to a surge in law-breaking actions by protesters threatening Queensland jobs.

“The LNP’s laws would have come down like a tonne of bricks on these selfish protestors who have shut down rail lines, targeted businesses just trying to make a living, and raided farming operations,” Mr Last said.

“Protestors who trespass and disrupt lawful work in the resources industry makes Queensland a less attractive place to invest, costing jobs for Queenslanders.

“Labor’s slap-on-the-wrist approach just wasn’t working and the LNP’s tough stance needed to be supported by the Committee.

“The Labor MPs completely disregarded the feedback from industry and community representatives about the need for tougher measures to deter the protestors from breaking the law and trespassing on our farms, businesses, ports and railways.

“The LNP is the only party determined to protect jobs in the resources and farming industries by delivering tough consequences.

“The last thing our farmers need to deal with is animal extremists breaking the law when they are suffering through severe drought.

“Trespassing protestors faced jail time and heavy fines under the LNP’s laws because we’re serious about protecting Queensland jobs.”

The LNP’s Statement of Reservation to the Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee can be viewed on Page 38 of the Report:


  • On 1 May 2019, Mr Dale Last MP, Member for Burdekin, introduced the Criminal Code (Trespass Offences) Amendment Bill 2019.
  • Currently in Queensland the offence of trespass is a summary offence with a maximum penalty of 2,611 or one-year’s imprisonment.
  • The LNP bill introduces three new criminal offences to bolster Queensland’s trespass laws. These include aggravated trespass, serious criminal trespass and organised trespass offences.
  • LNP Trespass:
    - Aggravated trespass: maximum of 3 years imprisonment or a maximum fine of 100 penalty units ($13,055)
    - Serious Criminal Trespass: maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment or a maximum fine of 3000 penalty units ($391,650)
    - Organised Trespass: maximum fine of 10 years imprisonment or 3000 penalty units ($391,650)
  • The LNP’s proposed laws have been supported by the Queensland Resources Council, Queensland Major Contractors Association and Agforce.