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Small and family businesses cannot wait

18th August 2021

The LNP is calling on the State Government to release a business support plan for future lockdowns.

Support payments announced for the last lockdown must also be deposited into the bank accounts of small and family businesses as a matter of urgency.

As it stands, money won’t hit bank accounts for at least another week due to a slow application and assessment process – that’s four weeks since the start of the last lockdown.

The State Government is going slow while small and family businesses are going broke.

Shadow Minister for Small and Family Business Brent Mickelberg says many businesses aren’t going to last much longer.

“The State Government is clearly making this up as they go and small and family businesses are paying the price,” Mr Mickelberg said.

“A detailed plan should have been budgeted for more than 6 months ago before hundreds of businesses shut up shop and laid off staff.

“If the State Government is planning on enforcing rolling lockdowns then they need to have a rolling support package.

“Outlining a genuine safety net would instil confidence in businesses to invest, trade and grow.

“There is currently no plan, no clear messaging and no certainty for business owners and their staff.

“I have spoken to many small and family businesses owners who say if the financial blows from lockdowns don’t kill them, the uncertainty will.

“It was heartbreaking to hear from one large family-run business that had to lay off 150 employees during the last lockdown.

“Sadly, they’re not alone. We are hearing similar heartbreaking stories every day from across Queensland. They need the State Government show them a light at the end of the tunnel.”

The LNP has for months repeatedly called for a COVID-19 Business Support Package to include support measures such as:

  • SLIDING SCALE SYSTEM: payments to assist businesses of all sizes to cover loss of income due to lockdowns
  • DEEP CLEANING COVER: a rebate covering deep cleaning fees if a business is identified as a COVID-19 exposure venue
  • EVENT CANCELLATION REBATES: covers financial losses if event is cancelled due to a lockdown
  • PAYROLL TAX: extend deferrals of payroll tax as part of the COVID-19 relief package.
  • MARINA FEES: temporarily waive marina fees to support tourism businesses hit by the downturn.