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CRIME CRISIS: Labor’s Cop number cover-up

16th May 2024

LNP commits to releasing police numbers twice a year

The LNP will release police numbers in Queensland twice a year, every year, if elected in October.

The latest publicly available data shows police numbers are falling in Queensland.

The latest numbers show 322 fewer police in 18 short months under Labor.

That’s despite Labor promising to deliver 1450 additional police, over and above attrition, at the last election. 

Police are leaving in droves because of Labor’s weak laws and a government that doesn’t have their backs.

It’s Labor’s weak laws and fewer police that created the Queensland Youth Crime Crisis.

The days of Labor’s chaos and crisis, and attempts to cover-up their incompetence, will end under the LNP.

Only the LNP has the right priorities for Queensland’s future, including delivering more police on the beat through retention and attraction.

Making our community safer is a priority for the LNP because it’s a priority for Queenslanders.