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Queensland Family and Child Commission Annual Report

13th April 2018

"As a mother and a Queenslander this report makes for heartbreaking reading.

"And how appalling that Labor releases a report on Queensland child deaths under the cover of the Commonwealth Games.

"Annastacia Palaszczuk has had this report since October 2017 yet chose to release it to Queenslanders at 4pm on an afternoon in the middle of the Games.

"That speaks volumes about the manipulation and secrecy of this Labor Government.

"This report exposes the crisis in our child safety system under Labor with four precious little lives lost due to fatal assaults within families that were known to child safety authorities.

"Sadly, ten out of the 19 children who drowned last year were also known to child protection system, as were nine of the 21 children who committed suicide.

"We already know over 60 per cent of investigations of suspected child abuse are not commencing within the required timeframes - that’s over 13,000 cases of suspected abuse not being responded to within set timeframes under this Government’s watch.

"We must do better for these children.

"It’s time for Labor to stop the excuses and start protecting our precious kids."