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Regional businesses forced to switch off power under Labor

8th February 2019

The most recent quarterly business survey published by the Queensland Electricity Users Network (QUEN) confirmed regional businesses have faced major increases in their power bills over the past two years.

In the first quarter of 2018-19, disconnections for regional businesses jumped from 95 to 202 in just 12 weeks.

LNP Shadow Minister for Energy Michael Hart has warned many regional businesses are being forced to shut down due to Labor's skyrocketing electricity prices.

"Regional Queensland now represents 42% of disconnections for non-payment of power bills and the numbers are rising," Mr Hart said.

"These businesses underpin regional economies, but they're paying too much for their electricity under the Palaszczuk Labor Government."

Mr Hart said Annastacia Palaszczuk's incompetent economic management was revealed in surveys this week as business confidence in Queensland hit rock bottom.

"Queenslanders are crying out for leadership, but Labor has no plan to support regional businesses," Mr Hart said.

"Labor's electricity rip-off is costing regional jobs.

"Southeast Queenslanders have up to 20 retailers to choose from while regional Queenslanders have just one.

"If elected in 2020, an LNP Government will introduce retail competition into the regional electricity market to drive down prices.

"This initiative would enable regional businesses to shop around for the best electricity price."